Make Your Move 3D: Why No Release Date Yet?


The director’s production board, with cast members

In Toronto, Canada, at 1:20 in the morning on June 25, 2011, a very tired cast and crew of Cobu 3D said good night to each other. It had been a long day, but this day was their final wrap after 3 months of filming. Later that day, or the next, the cast and crew flew off to other locations…and other projects, and we, the fans, began our countdown to the release of the movie. Now, almost two years, and a movie name change later, we are still awaiting its release. So what has happened?

Wrap BetterIt’s a wrap!

The rumor mill had it that the film was due to be released in early January of 2012. There had been other release dates reported as well. It was supposed to be released in Asia at the beginning of 2012, and in June of 2012 in the USA. We, at @MakeYourMove3D (formerly @Cobu3DTweets) even saw a release date from an inside source that we thought was official, though we never reported it. That site had the movie releasing on June 25, 2012, about two weeks after Rock of Ages (a film co-starring Derek’s sister, Julianne Hough). Rock of Ages released on time, Cobu 3D did not. Was it ever really due to be released at any of those times? Director Duane Adler says no.

Then why has it taken so long? We asked the director and screenwriter, Duane Adler, in an exclusive interview, for some enlightenment on the matter. His response to us was pretty much what he had reported in his tweets since he joined Twitter on September 28, 2011.

The simple answer is that an independent film takes time. Though the official wrap of the cast had been in June, more filming occurred in July. The movie’s star, Derek Hough, filmed additional scenes in New Orleans shortly after the wrap, and location scenes were filmed in New York where the movie’s plot takes place.

Derek in NolaDerek Hough filming a scene in New Orleans

From there, there was film editing, with editor Melissa Kent. Further creative editing took place in January 2012, along with the technical finishing of the 3D. Unlike some 3D films, this movie was filmed from the beginning in 3D, rather than being converted later. After editing, the movie was completed for sound and music. Departments in 3 countries were being kept busy on all these kinds of technical details.

???????????????????????????????Film editor Melissa Kent, Cobu choreographer Yako Miyamoto, Tap choreographer Nick Gonzalez, Director/Screenwriter Duane Adler

To enhance the plot, two new dance scenes were added, one with Derek in New Orleans, and one with BoA and Derek, that is reportedly quite “steamy”. And in April of 2012, there was a wrap on the sound mixing, and almost everything else. In May, the film was completely finished, and they screened the printmaster. Thus began the work for finding the right distributor for the film. In addition, a few more screenings took place in June.  At the Los Angeles K-Con festival in October, 10 minutes of the movie were shown, and 3 songs from the soundtrack were heard. The excitement for this movie began to swell again. Yet, when was the release date?

ProductionDuane Adler and company

Behind the scenes, work began on the official trailer. Director Duane assured us that things were taking their normal course for an independent film, and though the rumor mill was now rampant with reports of a January 2013 release date, the trailer wasn’t even finished. Then there was another snag! The Marketing Department decided that the name that many of us came to love, Cobu 3D, had to be changed. They felt that the concept of Cobu, “dance like drumming, drum like dancing” was a tough sell in just a two-minute trailer. This name change meant that the almost finished trailer had to be redone to incorporate the new name, now officially Make Your Move.

???????????????????????????????Music producer Rob Knox and Choreographer Yako Miyamoto

At one point, Director Duane stated that the movie would be released in the 3rd quarter of 2013, with foreign territories releasing later this year. Nappytabs (choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha D’uomo) and Chloe Arnold (tap dancer in the film and choreographer) are reporting this summer. How about July as a release time for this dance film? Remember the Step Up movies were released in the summer? And we know how popular they were. 🙂

This movie finally seems imminent, more so than ever before. Director Duane, who carries this movie in his heart, says, “Patience is a virtue, they say! No more so than in movies….Hang in there – We’re coming soon!”

UPDATED: MAY 9, 2013
• This blog by Shannon LaBrie (singer with a song in the movie) names September, 2013 as the release date for the movie. See here.
• Also, this CJ Entertainment blog (in Korean) says the 3rd quarter of 2013. See here.

Movie Timeline


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