The Music of “Make Your Move” OST – Derek Hough, BoA, TVXQ, Girls Generation, Shannon LaBrie

Pop Group, Girls' Generation

South Korean Pop Group, Girls  Generation

“Make Your Move” promises to be a movie that will entice their audience not only with incredible dance scenes, but also with amazing music. The official soundtrack sounds like it’s going to be as diverse and eclectic as the movie itself with music from the movie’s leading stars Derek Hough & BoA Kwon, as well as, several Korean pop superstars (TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, Jessica Krystal Kris), singer/songwriter Shannon LaBrie, Canadian artist Royal Wood, and many other new artists. Music producer, Rob Knox, worked on the soundtrack of the movie. He is well known for his work with Justin Timberlake, T.I., Ciara, Leona Lewis, Rihanna, Jamie Fox, and Joe Jonas. Music supervision of the film was done by Creative Control Entertainment who has worked on such films as ‘Crash’ and ‘Monster’s Ball’.


“Make Your Move” Star / Songwriter, Derek Hough


“Let Me In” – This song is said to be the main love theme of ‘Make Your Move’ and is featured in a pivotal scene between the film’s lovers, Donny (Derek Hough) & Aya (Boa Kwon). The scene is set in Aya’s dance studio, and Donny and Aya fuse together a beautiful routine of lyrical hip hop and contemporary to this heartfelt song. The song’s music was written by Derek Hough, who also co-wrote the lyrics with Michael Corcoran & Eric Goldman. The singer of “Let Me In” is Michael Cocoran. The song is heavily featured in the movie’s trailer.

“You Found Me” – This song is highlighted during a steamy/sexy scene between Donny & Aya. The song is performed by singer/songwriter Shannon LaBrie, who is a Nashville based indie artist.  Shannon performed the song live for the first time at the House of Blues in LA in January 2013. Unfortunately, no one posted a video of it, so we have to wait to hear the song when the movie comes out. Below is a photo of Shannon performing at the House of Blues courtesy of Creative Control Entertainment and a video of the beautiful ballad.

Shannon LaBrie singing "You Found Me" at the House of Blues, 1/29/13

Shannon LaBrie singing “You Found Me”
at the House of Blues, 1/24/13

Check out Shannon’s album on iTunes.


“Make Your Move” stars one of South Korea’s biggest pop stars (BoA Kwon) and is being produced by South Korean based entertainment companies SM Entertainment and CJ Productions. It would be a natural step to use this Hollywood movie to showcase some of the biggest K-Pop stars out there. K-Pop has a huge following in the United States that will hopefully grow with the release of this movie. The movie’s director, Duane Adler, confirmed on twitter that BoA will have a song on the soundtrack. But we don’t have any information on that song yet.

"Make Your Move" Star, BoA Kwon

“Make Your Move” Star / Singer, BoA Kwon

During KCON 2012 (a Korean pop music festival/conference), Duane and some of the Cobu Team held a panel to discuss the movie, show a 10 minute behind-the-scenes video, and debut tracks from the official soundtrack. Here are the songs from K-Pop artists:

“Cheap Creeper” – This song is performed by superstar girl group, Girls Generation (SNSD). This fast tempo pop song is sung in English and is said to have rap lyrics by several different members of the group. Here is a sample of the song:

“Say Yes” – This is another fast paced song performed by EXO-M’s leader Kris, Girls Generation’s Jessica and her younger sister, f(x)’s Krystal. The song is also sung in English.

“Running on Empty” – This song is performed by K-Pop superstar group TVXQ. One of the members of the group, U-Know (Yuhno), has a cameo in the movie. This song is also sung in English.

TVQX: Changmin and Yunho

TVXQ: Changmin and Yunho


English Dubstep music producer and DJ, DJ Rusko, has a cameo in the film. However, we are not sure if he is a contributor to the official soundtrack yet. Canadian pop music singer/songwriter, Royal Wood, also has a cameo. From what we know, he plays guitar and sings a song on a street corner in the movie.

Dj and Music Producer, DJ Rusko - Singer / Songwriter, Royal Wood

(Left) DJ & Dubstep Producer, DJ Rusko
(Right) Singer & Songwriter, Royal Wood

Michael Corcoran and Eric Goldman are credited with working on the score/music on the film. Pop and R&B music producer, Rob Knox, also worked very closely with Duane Adler and Yako Miyamoto on the music and sounds of the film.

We are very excited to hear all the music that was created for this amazing movie!

Music Producer Rob Knox

Music Producer Rob Knox

Written by MakeYourMoveFans


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  3. it is the dance track ‘everybody’ by IDC that I want on the soundtrack, all too short on the film but wokrs so we;; with the dancers outisde the club!!!

  4. Hey Tabitha I do believe it is 4 On The Floor.. No clue by whom, I may have to fire up the movie and have a looksie….

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