Introducing the Feuding Families of “Make Your Move” 3D

Donny Picking Up Aya

She lives with desire!

He lives with passion!

They just need a chance… to be together.

Donny and Aya CloseUp

They are Donny and Aya, two ill-fated lovers who have to decide if their romance is worth fighting for when the world is against them. What move will they make? — That is the question!

In the film, Make Your Move, Derek Hough and BoA Kwon play Romeo and Juliet type lovers in this classic, but updated Shakespearean tale. Their story, however, is not the reenactment of the account of bitter feuding between the Capulet and the Montague families of Verona, Italy. Rather, in Duane Adler’s version of the story, the ‘families’ are an ethnically diverse mix of friends who frequent Club Static or Club Oto, two popular nightclubs in the major metropolitan city of New York.

Although Make Your Move has a highly ethnically and racially mixed cast of characters and the storyline maintains the Romeo and Juliet theme of feuding, the feuding is not based on this mixture of ethnicity among the cast, as one might suspect. Unlike West Side Story, in which race was an issue, neither race nor ethnicity come into play in this film. They are not mentioned or even eluded to at all. Instead, Duane Adler, the screenwriter, has chosen to center the feuding on the ongoing rivalries between the underground nightclubs that have two very different, and alternative, styles of dance.


Aya and Donny’s Make Your Move 3D ‘Families’
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Nick, played by Wesley Jonathan, owns the underground club called Static. It is New York’s number one nightclub, and is a hot,  old-school style club that is hopping 5 nights a week. Innovative and explosive dancers from around the globe clamour to showcase their talent at Nick’s club.  Static’s ‘family’ even includes a trapeze artist, played by Izabella Miko.

Nick’s foster brother is Donny (raised by Nick’s mother), played by movie newcomer, Derek Hough. Donny is a New Orleans tap dancer who earns a living by tapping on the streets. One day, he decides to leave New Orleans to be with his brother in New York City. That decision adds another dimension to the rivalry between the dance clubs.

Donny tapping on the streets in New Orleans

Donny tapping on the streets in New Orleans

Donny and his brother Nick

Donny and his brother Nick

Within 24 hours of arriving in New York, Donny falls in love with a beautiful and gifted girl, Aya. A sweet romance quickly develops, resulting in friction between Donny and his brother, and exponentially increasing the tension between the already rivaling nightclub families.

Donny Meets Aya

Donny Meets Aya

Aya, Donny’s love interest, is played by BoA Kwon. She is a Japanese raised, Korean born girl who lives in New York with her brother, Kaz, played by Will Yun Lee. Unfortunately for Donny, Kaz just happens to be the owner of Oto, the popular nightclub that rivals his brother’s club for patronage.

Aya and her brother Kaz

Aya and her brother Kaz

Aya’s brother, Kaz, is not at all happy that his sister has chosen a lover from Club Static. He confronts Nick, but eventually, as would be expected in this Romeo and Juliet themed story, a clash between ‘families’ ensues over the issue. One night, in a dark alley, Donny has an unfortunate run-in with some of Kaz’s ‘family’, including Kaz’s best friend, Oku, played by Rich Ting.

Kaz confronts Donny and Nick

Kaz confronts Donny and Nick

Donny and Aya are not the only couple romantically linked in the film. Aya’s brother, Kaz, has a girlfriend too. She is Natsumi, played by Miki Ishikawa. Natsumi just happens to be Aya’s best friend, and both she and Aya are also fellow Cobu Girls who perform at Club Oto.

Aya’s Cobu girls are an innovatively unique dance ensemble that play Japanese Taiko drums and dance a combination of tap and hip hop at the same time. Joining Aya and Natsumi are four other Cobu Girls: Kaori, played by Yako Miyamoto, Suzuka, played by Haruna Hisada, Rei, played by Tiffany Daniels, and Gina, played by Allison Holker. (Yako and Haruna are actual members of the real life group called COBU based in New York City. It is this original COBU group that inspired Duane Adler to write his screenplay.)

The Cobu Girls

The Cobu Girls

Just as Oto has its Cobu Girls, Static’s family includes an in-house group of dancers, as well. They are profoundly talented tap dancers who we call Donny’s Hoofers. Well-renown tappers and choreographers, Chloe Arnold, Shawn Byfield, Amy Gardner, Toya Robinson and Nick Gonzalez, play the Hoofers. Read more about this diverse array of tappers here.

As can be seen, Make Your Move modernizes the classic Romeo and Juliet story with a unique kind of family feuding. From the diverse dance styles, club and dance rivalries, backstreet battles, along with plenty of sweet, romantic, and sensual moments between Aya and Donny, this film promises to have something for everyone, — and it is all in 3D. ☺

And how does this particular Romeo and Juliet story end? Is there a tragic ending, true to the Shakespearean tale? Do Donny and Aya become overly despondent that their ‘families’ are feuding over their romance? Do they die in the end, taking their own lives? Will they make that move? Now that… is to be determined.



Written by MakeYourMoveFans


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