Yunho’s Special Appearance in “Make Your Move”

Jung Yunho

Jung Yunho

Koreans love him; girls swoon over him, and the excitement around his cameo in Make Your Move is over the top. Who is he? — He is Korean singer Jung Yunho, also known by his stage name of U-Know Yunho. The name U-Know comes from Yunho’s desire that people know that he knows them. He says, “”I know that you know that I know you, so you know that I know that we know each other”. Okay then! 🙂

The 27-year-old, 6 foot, handsome hunk not only sings, but he also raps, dances, models, and occasionally acts. He is part of a Korean and SM Town singing duo with Max Changmin, known as TVXQ, the best-selling K-Pop boyband in Asia. We talked about TVXQ’s role in Make Your Move in a recent post. If you missed it, read it here. TVXQ has a song called “Running On Empty” that is part of the movie’s soundtrack.


Changmin and Yunho of TVXQ

Changmin does not appear in the movie, but Yunho does in a featured cameo role as a special guest. BoA was so happy to hear of his appearance that she tweeted about it on May 22, 2011. “Special guest!!!!! Yunho~~ :D” and “Such a great guy!!” She also uploaded the two pictures shown here of her and Yunho outside her trailer in Toronto, Canada where the movie was being filmed in the spring of 2011.

yunho_boa2 yunho_boa3

As we understand it, the movie called for a person with a high level of dancing skill, and someone with charisma. That would be Yunho!!! Rumor has it that Duane Adler, the movie’s director and screenwriter, had seen Yunho perform previously, and felt that he was the perfect person for the intended role. At this time, we are not sure exactly how extensive the role is. However, Duane Adler told a fan on Twitter: “You will LOVE his number in the movie!” From this, it sounds like the number is what we have seen from the Make Your Move teaser that came out at the K-Con Festival in Los Angeles in October of 2012. Watch the teaser here, if you haven’t seen it before.


Changmin, BoA, and Yunho

Although we do not think BoA and Yunho perform together in the movie, we have a brief clip here of them performing together, to the delight of BoA and Yunho fans. This is during the SMTown Live World Tour III in Tokyo in 2012. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 7.42.47 PM
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