“Make Your Move 3D” Release Dates: What We Think We Know So Far


One of the most interesting topics of discussion this summer among our Twitter followers is the official release date for Make Your Move 3D in their country. Everyone really wants to know,  including our team here at MakeYourMove3DFans. We are a team of four (three from the United States and one from Korea) and we don’t know when the movie will be officially released in our own countries yet. 😦

We thought we’d put together a list of dates based on what we know so far… or think we know. Please note that these dates are just rumored. If you live in one of these countries and know for sure that the date listed for your country is official, send us a tweet at @MakeYourMove3D and we will update this list.

After our list, we have a video for you that mentions Make Your Move 3D, as well as a website link that mentions the sneak preview of the movie in the Netherlands.

Rumored / Official Release Dates

July 13 occurred Netherlands*
July 24 occurred Belgium
July 25 occurred Netherlands
August 8 official CIS (Russian States)
August 21 Italy
August 29 official Thailand
Jul-Sept Korea
September newly updated Vietnam
September 13 newly updated Baltics-Lithuania
September 25 Philippines
Sept-Oct United States
October 3 official Portugal
October 13 Hong Kong
October Norway**
June 19, 2014 official Germany

In this DancePlug Dish video, there is a Make Your Move 3D mention about BoA, Derek Hough and the choreographers of this film. Scroll to about the 1:41 mark to hear it.

*The release date for the sneak preview in the Netherlands is mentioned in this Hague On Line site for the Pathe Scheveningen Cinema. Read here.
**Originally rumored to be July 12th. We have seen a source that confirms October.

Written by MakeYourMove3DFans


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