“Make Your Move” Publicity in the Netherlands


Thanks to our followers @allisgood4ever and @nobleze for the translation from Dutch for this Netherlands publicity blog for “Make Your Move 3D” at the Girlscene site.

Click here to see the blog.

Filmtip: Make Your Move 3D

Are you crazy about dance movies? Then we have good news, because after Step Up and Save The Last Dance there is now Make Your Move 3D! The film bursts of natural (fat) moves and music you can not sit still on, but there is no lack of romance. Are you wondering where Make Your Move 3D is and want to see the trailer? Then read on!

During the holidays, we finally have time to do fun things like watching movies. Fun! Going to the movies is always a pleasant outing with friends, family and your lover (and the perfect activity for when you’re bored or if it rains again). Make Your Move 3D is a movie for young and old, so you can go there with everyone.

What is Make Your Move 3D about?

The young, talented artist Donny (Derek Hough) comes to New York to help his brother Nick with running his bold new club. It is a place where the new generation of dancers can show off their new moves. Donny was very impressed when he sees Aya (BoA), a sexy, elegant dancer who moves like him. Their interplay during tap, hip hop and taiko drumming melt together in a new style as he had never imagined. What he does not know is that Aya is the sister of Nick’s biggest competitor, another super popular dance club. While Donny and Aya (as a block) fall for each other, the competition between their brothers is getting fiercer. But the last thing Donny wants to choose between is the girl of his dreams – and his own family.

Watch the trailer below!

Have you become curious about Make Your Move 3D? The film runs from 25 July in the cinema, but as a Girlscene reader you have the chance to see it first. Keep an eye on Girlscene to know how you can win these exclusive cards (tickets) .

Want to be more informed about fun movies? Like the Facebook page of Dutch Filmworks .

Would you see Make Your Move 3D?

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For more information about the plot of Make Your Move 3D, see our article entitled: Introducing the Feuding Families of Make Your Move 3D. Read here.


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