“Make Your Move 3D” Proves To Be Inspirational

SCORE ONE for Make Your Move 3D! 🙂 A Dutch blogger, who attended the sneak preview of the fIlm on July 13, liked the film so much that she was inspired to gather up some of her friends and head to a local dance studio. Below is the video blog of her experience. 🙂 Enjoy!

The video is in Dutch, so here is a translation of it (Thanks to @Anita_1 for the translation):

“Hello! On the 25th of July there was a new movie at the theatre: Make your Move 3D. I just saw it! It’s a great movie, an awesome movie!!!

It’s about two persons who fall in love with each other. You should see it yourself.  You can see the trailer here

Because of this movie I took a dance workshop with other beautyblog buddies (saying their names). I have danced before years ago. I did street dancing. The other beautyblog buddies have had dance experience too, but years ago. The workshop dance lessons were fun! We laughed a lot as you can see in the video. We danced for 2 hours, and learned a routine. You can see it at the end. It’s not perfect, but great for only 2 hours of practice.

Because dancing is healthy and fun, I’m thinking of going back to a dance class, I haven’t done it for 6 years, and I really want to start again.”

“Looked great didn’t it? Well, on the 25th of July, Make Your Move 3D will in the cinema (official release) and I can really recommend it. Thanks for watching.


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