Meet The STARS of “Make Your Move 3D”

Have you been reading some of the reviews and posts on this site about Make Your Move 3D or on our Twitter site? By now, you are able to put a face to the characters that are being mentioned, right?

If you can’t, we thought we’d help you out with a bit of information about the stars of the film. In addition, we’ll tell you what else they do in their day jobs. 🙂

Just click on the name of the star for fascinating information, and on the links for their photo galleries.



Derek Hough’s Credits
Derek Hough’s Photo Gallery



BoA Kwon’s Credits
BoA Kwon’s Photo Gallery



Wesley Jonathan’s Credits
Wesley Jonathan’s Photo Gallery



Will Yun Lee’s Credits
Will Yun Lee’s Photo Gallery

Aya with "Natsumi"


Miki Ishikawa’s Credits
Miki Ishikawa’s Photo Gallery

For the credits about some of the other co-stars, continue reading.

Rich Ting
Izabelle Miko
The Cobu Girls
Donny’s Hoofers
Yako Miyamoto
Nick Gonzalez
Duane Adler
Robert Cort
Cast Family Tree


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