Derek Hough to Guest Judge on Popular Korean Dance Show “DANCING 9”

It looks like Derek Hough is going to be introduced to Korean audiences prior to the release of “Make Your Move 3D”! Thanks to some fans on twitter, we learned that Derek is a guest judge on a popular Korean dance show competition called Dancing 9.

This tweet released by the official twitter account of the TV show shares a photo of Derek, along with Jon Chu (director of Step Up movies), and Christopher Scott (hip-hop choreographer) as part of a *global jury*. We assume they are guest judges for contestants auditioning for the show in the United States.

Dancing 9

We are wondering if this guest appearance on a popular Korean TV show is the start of promotion for “Make Your Move 3D” in Korea because the tweet mentions Derek as BoA’s co-star in her movie. We think it’s a great idea to start introducing Derek to Korean audiences!

For more information on Dancing 9, visit their official website here:

If anyone has anymore info on Derek’s guest appearance, please let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @MakeYourMove3D! Special thanks to @usako_chan on twitter for the information!

ETA: Found some screencaps of Derek at the judges’s panel via @BoAtheKorea! It sounds like the audition was done in LA and they were all treated to a sneak peak to a scene from “Make Your Move”!

Dancing 9


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