VIDEO of Derek Hough Guest Judging on Korean Dance Show “DANCING 9”

Thanks to Jini (one of the members of our Make Your Move 3D Fans team who is from Korea), we are able to share video of Derek Hough’s appearance on the popular Korean dance show Dancing 9! She told us that Dancing 9 is a show that searches for the best dancer (or dancers) through competition. The show is aired on Mnet TV in Korea and is owned by CJ Entertainment which is one of the production companies for “Make Your Move 3D”. We think there might be more cross promotion of the movie on future episodes of the show. She also said that Derek will appear in next week’s episode and we’ll hopefully be able to get you video of that also!

Here are some screencaps from the episode that was tweeted out by @BoAtheKOREA yesterday:

Dancing 9

The other two guest judges are Jon M. Chu (director of Step Up 2 & 3D, GI Joe Retaliation) and hip hop choreographer Christopher Scott (Step Up 3D, So You Think You Can Dance, LXD). Christopher Scott was actually being considered by director Duane Adler to choreograph for “Make Your Move 3D”, but ultimately went with Nappytabs and Nick Gonzalez.

Choreographers #15 - Duane, Derek, Boa, NappyTabs, Yako, Christopher Scott (did not work on film)

For more information on Dancing 9, visit their website.


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