ANNOUNCEMENT – United States Release Date Revealed for “Make Your Move 3D”!

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 4.43.10 PM

Hey! Are you going to be attending the KCON Festival this weekend (August 24 & 25) in Los Angeles, California?

If so, guess what you’re going to be receiving at the Make Your Move 3D booth? Those attending the event will be receiving a gift bag with a long-awaited message on a small postcard! What does the message say? Look below. We’ve got a sample of the front and a back of the postcard. 🙂

Front Side

Front Side


Back Side

That’s right! An official release date has finally been set for Make Your Move 3D in the United States. It’s March 28, 2014. That’s a long time away…. But hey, it’s set!!!

As it so happens, many other countries often wait until the U.S. release date to schedule their releases. So we expect to hear more premiere dates for the other European and Asian countries soon! So far this is what we know about the release dates for some of the other countries.

Thailand August 29, 2013
Vietnam September 6, 2013
Baltics – Lithuania September 13, 2013
Philippines September 25, 2013
Portugal October 3, 2013
Hong Kong October 13, 2013
United States March 28, 2014
Germany June 19, 2014

Here are the countries that have had their Make Your Move 3D premiere already.

Netherlands July 13, 2013
Belgium July 24, 2013
Netherlands July 25, 2013
CIS (Russian States) August 8, 2013

Stay tuned! We will let you know the other release dates as we hear of them. 😉


3 comments on “ANNOUNCEMENT – United States Release Date Revealed for “Make Your Move 3D”!

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  2. Don’t like the poster for the US, too cheesy. That poster might work for other countries, but not the US. They look like hi school kids there! Need something with a little more ooph, a blow out! They should definitely use that photo w/her bending backwards eyes closed n Derek looking at her, at least for the background.

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