“Make Your Move 3D” in Various Countries – Part II: The TRAILERS (What’s that Language?)

As many of us eagerly await the release of Make Your Move 3D in our countries, some other countries have enjoyed the premiere and release already. We thought it would be fun to take a comparison look at the various ways the movie has been advertised throughout those countries.

The following are the areas of consideration. We hope you will enjoy this series.

Part I – The POSTERS (Official and Fan-Made) Enjoy it here.
Part II – The TRAILERS (What’s that language?)
Part III – Mainstream & Social MEDIA


Part II – The TRAILERS: What’s that Language?

In our continuing coverage of the media in various countries for Make Your Move 3D, we will now take a look at some fan-made trailers, official trailers, and also an extended teaser. Afterwards, for some fun, head on down to the bottom of the page and see if you can answer our mini-quiz, entitled: What’s that Language?


First up, let’s take a look at some of the fan-made “trailers”. Love the creativity of Derek and BoA fans!!! 🙂 See if you agree.


WHAT’Z CREW DANCE to Promote “Make Your Move 3D” by TotoWZ

A BoA FAN PROMOTES “Make Your Move 3D” by Kin Kim


Now let’s look at how a variety of movie distributors have chosen to adapt the official movie trailer in order to prepare it for the audiences in their countries. Most of the distributors of the trailers have added “subtitles” to their versions of the official English trailer.

Make Your Move 3D has 16 distributors so far, though not all of them have released the movie yet. Here is a list as recorded in the New York Times.

  • Lionsgate – Foreign Distribution Sales
  • CJ Entertainment – Foreign Distribution Sales
  • Benelux Film Distribution – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Nordisk Film – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Square One – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Universum Film GmbH – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Dutch Filmworks – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Norsk FilmDistribusjon – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Rialto Films – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • West Video – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Acme Film – Worldwide Theatrical Distributor
  • Golden Village – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • CJ Entertainment – Production Company
  • S.M. Entertainment – Production Company
  • Robert Cort Productions – Production Company

We’re going to start our tour of the official trailers with one of our favorites. It’s dubbed in Russian, rather than having subtitles. So let’s get started by hearing how Donny and Aya sound to our friends in Russia. 🙂


The following trailers are for your enjoyment, if you haven’t seen them. They are subtitled. For our linguists, you’ll enjoy seeing how various languages are written and you can match the titles with the spoken words. After the trailers, head on down to the quiz. 🙂

With VIETNAMESE Subtitles

With DUTCH Subtitles (The Netherlands):

With FRENCH & DUTCH Subtitles (Belgium):

With THAI Subtitles

With CHINESE Subtitles

With CZECH Subtitles

And, of course, In ENGLISH (The Official Trailer)


If you haven’t seen it before, here’s an extended teaser in ENGLISH with VIETNAMESE subtitles by Make Your Move 3D’s director, Duane Adler. This is his description of the making of the movie. This is a shortened version of the ten-minute version shown at the K-Con Festival in Los Angeles in 2012. It gives you some background information about the movie, with comments by the lead stars, Derek Hough and BoA Kwon.


Okay, so here’s a fun QUIZ. Can you identify the languages below and what the line is from the movie? Hint: the picture might help you. 🙂 There’s a link at the bottom of the page with the answers.

1) Niet waar.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 1.34.28 PM

2) Skočíš na bar s plechovkama na botách…Co jsi zač?


3) 我什至不知道你


4) Hộp đêm hàng đấu ở New York.


5) Ни за что

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 1.53.03 PM

To check your answers, click here.


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