New RELEASE DATE for “Make Your Move 3D” in the United States


Tap Shoes and a Taiko – COMING SOON!

ANNOUNCEMENT: MakeYourMoveFans has just heard that there is a new release date for Make Your Move 3D. It is now April 18, 2014. 🙂

Recently, Make Your Move 3D star, Derek Hough, was interviewed for Annex Man Magazine. In that interview, he mentioned April as the release date for his film. We were surprised to hear that, and had been awaiting confirmation since then. We can now confirm that April 18th is the official date for the film’s release in the United States!

An excerpt - Annex Man Interview

An excerpt – Annex Man Interview

Late last year, we reported that the film would be released in the United States on March 28, however that date has been changed. We’re sure that the three week delay will disappoint those fans who have been waiting for a very long time, but there are many reasons that release dates change. For one, studios try to position their productions at times when they think they will do best. Take a look at all the films already scheduled for 2014 here.

Credit: Annex Man Magazine

Credit: Annex Man Magazine

Many of our followers have asked when Make Your Move 3D will be released in other countries, such as Korea, England, France, etc. Director, Duane Adler, stated that often these countries wait for the American release and then schedule their own releases. If you missed Duane’s interview with us, please click here.

In the meantime, if you hear of any release dates in your own countries, please be sure to tweet us at @MakeYourMove3D.


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