Release Date for the Official “Make Your Move 3D” Soundtrack

We know that so many are waiting for the release date of the much anticipated official soundtrack for “Make Your Move 3D” and we can tell you that you are going to get your wish VERY SOON!

Official US Poster

We were hoping to give you the exact release date for the OST, but we were informed that the date we were given is still flexible. However, we do know that the film is set to be released in the U.S. on April 18, 2014, so expect the soundtrack to drop sometime in early April alongside the release of the movie!

We also wanted to share with you that the song that BoA dances her solo to in the film is called “Catching Shadows” by Felicia Barton. You can listen to a sample here:

We also caught this tweet last week:

IDC Everybody

Lastly, the beautiful and upbeat finale song is called “Now We Know” and is sung by Michael Corcoran. He also sings the version of “Let Me In” that is featured in the film. We don’t have a sample to share with you at the moment, but believe us when we say that this song will put a big smile on your face and make you want to get up and dance!

The “Make Your Move 3D” soundtrack will include music written and/or sung by BoA, Derek Hough, Michael Corcoran, Shannon LaBrie, Felicia Barton, Girls Generation (SNSD), F(X), TVXQ, Henry from Super Junior, Kris Krystal & Jessica, etc. The OST is produced & supervised by the Creative Control team, Eric Goldman, Michael Corcoran, and Rob Knox.

If you want more in-depth information about the songs on the official soundtrack, please go back and read our previous articles here and here.


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