Derek Hough Shoots Music Video for “Make Your Move 3D”

What exciting news! Evidently there will be a music video associated with Make Your Move 3D, and leading man, Derek Hough, is a part of this video.

Derek’s publicist, Sue Madore, tweeted a picture of him today (February 6, 2014), saying, “Video shoot of Derek Hough for Make Your Move.” Below is the picture she tweeted.


Shortly thereafter, Erin Dillon, a music supervisor at Creative Control (the company responsible for the soundtrack of the movie), tweeted a picture of Derek in the studio with Make Your Move Director, Duane Adler.


You may wonder how we know that the video shoot was for a “music” video. Well, Make Your Move Fans asked Director Duane just that, and his reply was an emphatic, “YES!” 🙂


So what is the theme of the music video? We can’t say for sure, but it is not a stretch to think that it has to do with the song that Derek wrote for the movie, Let Me In. Here is what Duane had to say about this song in his EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Make Your Move 3D Fans in September of 2013.

Make Your Move Fans: We know that Derek was involved in the writing of Let Me In. Did he write the lyrics, the music, or both?

Duane: Here’s what happened: Derek played me a melody early in pre-production, it’s something he created in his house on his laptop with a keyboard. When he played it, he said it represented Donny and Aya. I listened, and there was a beautiful piano melody that became the melody and hook for “Let Me In,” and around that melody were big drums that Derek told me represented Aya’s taiko, and a guitar that represented Donny’s edge. It was beautiful and powerful and romantic – I loved it. So I played it for the film’s producers, as well as music supervisor, Joel C. High. They all loved it, too, and Joel suggested we get Derek in studio with our composers, Michael Thomas and Eric Goldman.

Michael and Eric are also music producers who have worked with artists like Lady Gaga. Once in the studio, the trio of Michael, Eric, and Derek teamed together to create the song! They all collaborated on lyrics and defined the layering. Michael actually sings lead on the track. Derek is also a very good vocalist, but we all thought it would be strange to hear his voice singing on a major set piece that he and BoA (as their characters) were dancing to!

Derek, more known for his dancing and choreography, is quite an accomplished musician. Not only does he write music, but he sings, plays the drums, piano, and guitar…and who knows what else? To learn more about this incredible talent head over to It’s a site dedicated entirely to Derek. 🙂

In as much as many of our followers consistently inquire about the Official Soundtrack for Make Your Move, we know that you will be eagerly awaiting more news about this music video, as well. As soon as we know, you’ll know. We promise! 🙂 In the meantime, if you missed our recent post about the Official Soundtrack for the movie, read here.

UPDATE: Derek, indeed, is making a music video of Let Me In. See here the tweet sent out today by Creative Control. 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 1.05.07 PM


3 comments on “Derek Hough Shoots Music Video for “Make Your Move 3D”

  1. Don’t like the poster, looks so hi schoolish.
    Didn’t Patrick Swayze co-wrote lyrics n sang “She’s Like the Wind” while dancing in “Dirty Dancing” movie.
    I think Derek also plays the harmonica.

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