“Make Your Move 3D” Coming to Indonesia!


As most everyone knows by now, the official release date in the United States for Make Your Move 3D is April 18, 2014. Many other countries are also eagerly awaiting their turn to view the movie that many of us have been awaiting since April 2011 (when the film first went into production).

One of our team members here at MakeYourMove3D Fans, an Indonesian, has a cousin who was very pleasantly surprised recently while attending the XXI cinema in Batam, Indonesia. She saw the Make Your Move 3D trailer. She eagerly called our team member to report the news!

You know what that means, Indonesia!

Stay tuned! Hopefully, we will have the actual release date for you real soon.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 6.21.21 PM


One comment on ““Make Your Move 3D” Coming to Indonesia!

  1. not only in batam. my sister told me she saw make your move trailer on cinema when she watched a movie there 😀 p/s : my sis stay at solo city, Indonesia

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