Lakeshore Records and SM Records Partner to Produce “Make Your Move 3D” Soundtrack Album


Derek Hough Behind the Scenes on the Music Video. Photo credit to Lakeshore Records.

Everyone is eager to know exactly when the Make Your Move 3D soundtrack will be released. We reported recently that the likely date is in early April. The latest news today is that Lakeshore Records is partnering with SM Records to release the album for the soundtrack.

Lakeshore Records is an independent music division of Lakeshore Entertainment and they have released the soundtracks to many films before such as Napoleon Dynamite, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Little Miss Sunshine, and Superbad. They also produce music videos such as Bon Jovi’s Not Running Anymore, Will Ferrell’s Yo No Se, and The Postal Service, Against All Odds from the movie Wicker Park. They are located in Los Angeles, California. You can go here to sign up to be updated on the score and soundtrack release for Make Your Move 3D.

SM Records is a division of SM Entertainment, a Korean corporation. The label is one of the big three record companies in Korea, home to such recording artists as BoA, TVXQ, SuperJunior, f(x), Girls Generation, all of whom have songs on the Make Your Move Soundtrack.

To hear parts of some of the songs, and for more information about the official soundtrack, please go back and read our previous articles here and here.



Photo credits go to Lakeshore records. Check out their blog to see more photos of Derek on the set of ‘Let Me In’ by clicking here.


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