How Did Derek Hough Make BoA Shiver While Making “Make Your Move 3D”?

Lovers FinalePhoto courtesy of

The official MAKE YOUR MOVE website has been updated and fans can find out much more information about the cast & crew, soundtrack, story, and fun behind the scenes stuff!

Make sure you take a tour of the website to find hidden stories filming the movie like the one below of Derek Hough and BoA learning how to dance with each other… It sounds like BoA was shy and didn’t want Derek to be so close to her in the beginning!

Donny & Aya at StaticPhoto courtesy of Make Your Move Facebook

Working with the stars Derek Hough and BoA, gave the director and choreographer an opportunity to explore these dance genres in an intimate way. It was important that the actors were willing to try new things and Adler explains, “I couldn’t have asked for more from Derek and BOA. They both worked so hard, learning new things. BoA was not a tap dancer or a drummer. Derek had not worn tap shoes in 10-12 years. The only time he had to practice was at eleven or twelve at night. He would rehearse after working on Dancing With the Stars all day.”

He continued, “The first time Derek and BoA danced together, BoA had never partner danced before. When Derek walked in he took her hand, she shivered and took it away. She said, ‘No one ever touches me when I am dancing.’ We had one week of soft prep, which we needed for Derek and Boa to be in a studio together. English is BoA’s third language. She sings and speaks in Korean, Japanese and English. Dance and music are an international language. After a week of rehearsals Derek and BoA were speaking the same language.”

“The dancing with the two stars was also really collaborative. Derek had never done a lot of hip-hop and tap and BoA does a lot of hip-hop but she never partnered. BoA would help Derek understanding the technical movements of hip-hop and he would help BoA how to partner. But the dancing itself was different than what they were both used to. It was lyric mixed with hip-hop mixed with contemporary and some ballroom stuff but not partnering of hip-hop in how they were used to dancing. We made it something else, something completely unique and different. They helped each other, it was new for everyone,” said Napoleon.



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