Derek Hough and BoA’s Movie, “Make Your Move”, Promises to Raise the Roof – Yes, indeed!


Duane Adler is the screenwriter and director for Make Your Move 3D, as well as, the author of the hugely popular movies Save The Last Dance and the Step-Up series. These latter two movies were two of the film industry’s top-grossing dance movies and two of the top highest-grossing teen romance movies ever. Will Make Your Move earn similar honors in the United States for Adler? We sure hope so , because the film promises to raise the roof (i.e. generate lots of enthusiasm and excitement) with a unique feature that none of Adler’s other dance films have had! 🙂

Adler was inspired to write the screenplay based on a performance by a remarkable and extraordinary group of dancers that he had seen in New York in 2006. The distinctive dance form is called Cobu dancing — and the exceptional group is called COBU.

Adler’s creative visual conception became a screenplay named Cobu 3D, later changed to Make Your Move.


COBU Dancing

Unlike any other category of dance we’ve seen before, Cobu dancing combines funky, rhythmic tap dancing, with taiko drumming, and a touch of Hip Hop added in. It was founded in 2002 by Yako Miyamoto and she appears in Make Your Move, along with one of her authentic COBU dancers, Haruna Hisada. In the film, Miyamoto and Hisada join other dancers to play the role as the film’s ‘Cobu Girls’. The additional dancers are actors in the film and not a part of Miyamoto’s New York COBU ensemble.

Duane Adler and "COBU" Founder, Yako Miyamoto

Duane Adler and “COBU” Founder, Yako Miyamoto

COBU has won awards for its distinctive choreography and recently had the opportunity to display its talent at a Knicks basketball game in Madison Square Garden in New York City. What a wonderful way to showcase Cobu dancing to the general public. The Knicks usually yield attendance of around 19,000 people!


COBU in Madison Square Garden (New York City)

The brief video below demonstrates the excitement that is created by COBU when it performs LIVE.

Throughout Make Your Move, moviegoers will have the chance to see the execution of enthusiastically performed Cobu dancing. In the film’s storyline, the Cobu Girls, headed by main character ‘Aya’, dance and drum at an underground nightclub named Oto, which is owned by Aya’s brother, Kaz.

The Cobu Girls in "Make Your Move"

The Cobu Girls in “Make Your Move”

From Left to Right: Rei, Kaori, Aya (top), Natsumi, Suzuka, Gina

From Left to Right: Rei, Kaori, Aya (top), Natsumi, Suzuka, Gina

What is the derivative of the name Cobu? Miyamoto explains on her website that Cobu is translated from Japanese as: “Dance like Drumming, Drum like Dancing”. This description is quite apt, based on Cobu’s distinctive combination of dance and drums.

Donny's Tap Shoes and the Cobu Girl's Taiko Drums.

“Dance Like Drumming; Drum Like Dancing.” – Donny’s Tap Shoes / The Cobu Girl’s Drums

In Make Your Move, the drums that Aya and her friends play are called taiko drums. Taiko means “big/fat drum” and is a type of instrument used in Japanese drum performances. As a rule, they are struck with a wooden stick called a “bachi”. There are many forms of bachi and they can have jingles, rattles, tassels, and/or other types of shiny decorations. For more information about taiko drums, read here.


COBU Group

Tap dancing is historically attributed to the African slave culture. African slaves in America were prohibited from dancing with their usual exuberance and did not have access to their native drums. They replaced their drumming with clapping and their dance movements with foot tapping. Over time tap dancing was developed and became popularized through the performances of tappers such as Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, the Nicholas Brothers, and Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson.

Top: Bill "Bogangles", Gene Kelly - Bottom: Fred Astaire, the Nicholas Brothers

Top: Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Gene Kelly – Bottom: Fred Astaire, the Nicholas Brothers

The instagram video below shows Aya and the Cobu Girls performing Cobu dancing, “dancing like drumming and drumming like dancing”, during one scene of Make Your Move. Notice how appropriate this description is.

Cobu #makeyourmove #cobu #boa

A post shared by Mark [マーク808-METAL] \m/ (@mbrwhs) on

Instagram Credit: rbrwhs (Rollie Ildefonso)

Compare the fictitious Cobu Girls above with the authentic COBU group below. Quite similar, as you shall see. 🙂

When Make Your Move is released in your town, we hope you will enjoy watching all the really cool Cobu dancing scenes. Let’s hope they really do raise the roof and spur this movie on to become one of Adler’s most highly rated films. 🙂

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