“Make Your Move” Starring BoA and Derek Hough To Be Released in KOREA on April 17

BoA_1395018809_af_orgOfficial Korean Poster

Ooo la la! How about that poster above! Hot, huh? LOVE it! Doesn’t it show the awesome chemistry between BoA and Derek Hough? Wait until you see this movie! 🙂

Well, Korea, your turn has come! AllKpop is reporting that Make Your Move will be released on April 17 in Korea, the day before the United States release. How appropriate that Korea and the United States have similar release dates, with BoA being from Korea and Derek from the United States. Fans have been waiting for over 3 years. Finally!!! The release is right around the corner. ::::sigh:::: Read more at AllKpop.

It’ll be released in Korea and in USA at the same time. The movie’s BoA’s first Hollywood venture, and fans have been looking forward its release for a long, long time. The official Korean poster for the movie has been released as well.

Bi5T94WCMAE6S0GPhoto Credit: @BoAVNFC

The stars and co-stars have not done any promotion or promotional tours for Make Your Move, but evidently, BoA is slated to start promotion of the movie. Not sure how much her promotion entails. This information is from the Daily K-Pop News here.

BoA, the artist of ‘Eat you up’ is getting ready to start her promotion activities for her latest American movie, ‘Make Your Move 3D’, formerly called Cobu 3D.


Official Facebook Account for the Korean Release.


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