Los Angeles Charity Screening of “Make Your Move” to Benefit Dizzy Feet Foundation! Monday, 3/31/2014

GIF courtesy of Make Your Move’s official Tumblr

On Monday, March 31, a special charity benefit screening of MAKE YOUR MOVE will take place at Pacific Theaters at the Grove! According to Pblcty.com, the screening will benefit the Dizzy Feet Foundation which was founded by Nigel Lythgoe (So Your Think You Can Dance) and Adam Shankman (Hairspray, Rock of Ages). The foundation’s purpose is to “to support, improve, and increase access to dance education in the United States”. Derek Hough is part of the Choreographers’ Council of the Dizzy Feet Foundation.

According to whatsuphollywood.com part of the cast and crew of MAKE YOUR MOVE have been confirmed to attend including Derek Hough, BoA Kwon, Duane Adler, Yako Miyamoto, Napoleon & Tabitha D’Umo, Tiffany Daniels, Miki Ishikawa, and Rich Ting. Special guests attending this MAKE YOUR MOVE screening include Adam Shankman (Director/Choreographer), Kenny Ortega (Director/Choreographer, Dirty Dancing, High School Musical, This Is It), Tony Basil (Mickey), Mark Ballas (Dancing with the Stars), and Sharna Burgess (Dancing with the Stars). More special guests are to be announced.


Those of you that follow Derek Hough know that he films Dancing with the Stars Monday nights. But don’t worry because the screening is at The Grove LA which is a very popular outdoor shopping and dining area in downtown LA. The studio where Dancing with the Stars tapes at is literally next door to The Grove!

Maximo TV has tweeted that they will cover the event so expect to see interviews/videos by them on their youtube account! We’ll also post them here when we find them!

The screening is scheduled to start at 7:15pm PST and end by 10:00pm PST. If any of you live in LA, you might want to hang out at the Pacific Theaters to catch a glimpse of Derek or BoA! The address of the movie theater is 189 The Grove Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90036. *hint-hint* 😉

We are so excited that our beloved MAKE YOUR MOVE cast is going to be reunited. We’ll be covering the event and will post everything that we found on Tuesday. Don’t forget, we are going to need all YOUR help to make this movie successful. We hope you go many times opening weekend, bring friends and family with you, and tell everyone how much you loved the movie! We can do this!

GIF courtesy of Make Your Move’s official Tumblr


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