FashionLaine Interviews ‘MAKE YOUR MOVE’ Cast at the LA Premiere


Check out this great interview from Lainey of FashionLaine blog who attended the MAKE YOUR MOVE premiere in Los Angeles last Monday. We have great quotes from Duane Adler, Derek Hough, and Wesley Jonathan! We’ve posted a few interesting details below, but be sure to go read the entire article here.


Fashionlaine: How is this movie different than the other dance movies that are out there?
Duane Adler: This movie is several things. For starters, it’s an international movie. We’ve got tap dance, we’ve got taiko drums, we’ve got hip hop, we’ve got dubstep. So I think musically and creatively there’s an international marriage going on. And then we’ve got an American boy and an Asian girl fall in love in New York. And it feels very today.


Fashionlaine: How hard was it learning tap? Was it easier or harder than you thought it would be?
Derek Hough: I’m a drummer so it was easy, I definitely picked it up fast. They offered to have a stunt person do some of the tap for me in the film, but I was very insistent on wanting it to be all me doing all the tap.

BoA and Duane

BoA and Duane

Fashionlaine: How’d you decide to work with BoA?
Duane Adler: Some of my friends and colleagues were coming to me and saying “you’ve got to know who this girl is”. She was the first Korean star that crossed over and blew up in Japan at that time. So I started watching her music videos and her behind the scenes work and decided I had to write this movie and she was the only one that would be perfect for it.

Read the rest of the article here!


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