A Fan Blog of the “Make Your Move” Premiere with Derek Hough and BoA


The following is a blog written by one of our @MakeYourMove3D followers about the premiere screening of Make Your Move in Los Angeles on March 31. Enjoy! 🙂

I will start by saying that this experience of going to the private premiere for BoA and Derek Hough’s movie, “Make Your Move,” was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. I am still in disbelief. Goodness!

Anyhow, this is how it all went:
I had never been to The Grove in Los Angeles, so the trip there was stressful. We could not find the location. They had told me to arrive at least half an hour in advance to check in at the theater. — We arrived about three minutes before 8:00pm. The screening was said to start at eight. I was losing hope of finding the theater and making it on time for check-in. We drove around like maniacs hoping to find The Grove where the private premiere was going to be held. The day before, I found out there was going to be a red carpet event at 7:15pm, so with even more reason, we were panicking trying to make it to hopefully see this.

Eventually we made it. Me and my guest friend, Jessica, ran to the theater and went inside. There were a lot of people! The press was there; fans; of course, some of the actors and actresses; many important-looking people (probably movie critics); as well as producers and such. We looked around for the Guest Check-in for a few minutes, until we found it near the Premiere Red Carpet.

I did not get to fully see BoA or Derek at this [red carpet] event as I had hoped, just saw both their fabulous heads. They were blocked by all the cameras and microphones. While waiting in line to check in, all the special guests were talking amongst themselves, saying how they appeared in the movie, talked about their acting career and whatnot. I did not recognize, nor know, any of them. I wasn’t eavesdropping; I was just in the crowd full of these people waiting for my turn to check in and overheard their important conversations.

We finally got to check in. It feels pretty cool to have your name on the guest list along with the others. That’s when it hit me that we had made it and we were there.

We were escorted to the theatre room and the escort told us we could grab complementary popcorn and a drink. Awesome!! Before entering the movie we were sort of put through a security check. It was pretty fun; they were only making sure we weren’t carrying anything bad, you know. Sadly I left my DSLR camera in the car, because I’m sure they wouldn’t have let me bring it in with me.

Once we entered, I felt the excitement as they were playing [K-Pop girl group] F(x)’s songs “NU ABO” and “Chu.” I got the so-called feels. Then one of the movie’s soundtracks (“Say Yes”) by F(x)’s Krystal, SNSD’s Jessica and EXO’s Kris was played. Me and my friend quietly squealed of happiness.

The escorts told us to choose any seat we’d like as long as we did not sit on the ones with the ‘RESERVED’ sign on them. We chose our seats and sat in the third-to-front row. Sitting there was pretty fun in itself, eating our popcorn, and listening to the K-Pop playing while people were still being seated. My friend and I went to the restroom and took the chance to take pictures with the “Make Your Move” movie sign at the entrance of the movie room. Some of the older people stared at us, but no regrets.

We went back inside, sat down and continued eating our popcorn and drinking our sodas. The only ‘preview’ they showed was a sort of commercial/short clip. It was for the non-profit organization Dizzy Feet (http://dizzyfeetfoundation.org/). I am not being paid to promote this; it’s a really nice organization though.

It took longer than expected for the movie to actually start. It began at around 8:50pm. Since we sat in the middle and almost at the front, we kept turning to see who would come in. I knew BoA was going to have to sit somewhere around us and was hoping she’d sit in front of us or something. I then saw a woman with two microphones and a cameraman next to her. They were making their way down towards where we were, more to our left though. I began to get excited and I told my friend that BoA and Derek were most likely going to speak before the movie started. They came in and sat down in the row in front of us, eleven seats to the left. So close, yet so far!

I saw BoA come in first and I blinked my eyes a couple of times. I couldn’t believe she was there. I almost violently nudged my friend to look at BoA entering, I remember saying, “Oh my gosh, is that her? Is that her? No, no, no.” I was almost on the verge of tears. I tried to ‘keep my cool’. So did Jessica. Derek followed after and sat down. He is so good-looking.

The director or someone spoke at the front, and then Derek went up saying BoA had told him to, if I remember correctly (I was too excited, sorry). He then said his words and told us to enjoy the movie (gahh!! I hate that I forgot exactly what they said because I was too caught up in the moment–in a good, good way). Then he went to BoA and pulled her up to the front with him. She was, is, so beautiful. Seeing her in person was inexplicably… amazing!

BoA was kind of shy, so adorable. She too told us to enjoy the movie. Her voice was so soft and sweet! They sat down and I was telling my friend we should’ve sat in the unreserved seats next to them, but who knew? Either way we got to see them very close.

The movie itself was pretty awesome. The dancing in the movie was really, really nice. Both Derek and BoA were absolutely great. I will say they looked so good together. In some scenes there was quite some eye-candy for us from Derek. I enjoyed it, and I know others did too with their clapping.

There was K-Pop (SM Entertainment) artists’ songs, my favorite) in the movie. A certain someone from SM makes a dancing appearance in one scene. I almost screamed, but I just squeezed my friend’s arm (lol). I was smiling throughout the whole movie; I was just so happy!! Me and Jessica felt like we were the only ones fangirling in the theater, but we tried to keep it on the low. I’m sure the other lucky fans who also got to attend this premiere were as excited; they just knew how to contain themselves, and we were good at that, too.

BoA’s English in the movie was nice and also cute! I loved it. I was focused on the movie, but I took a couple glances at BoA and Derek sitting not too far away from me. I didn’t even notice when they left, or I’m not sure what went on, but when the movie ended they weren’t seated there anymore. I was disappointed, but I was happy enough to have seen them.

After the movie ended we went outside to the lobby and saw two of the actors, not BoA or Derek, though we were hoping we’d see them. My friend spotted Wesley Jonathan who played Nick, Donny Bray’s brother (Derek Hough). We still had a half-full bag of popcorn to throw away, so we went to throw it away and then I saw Will Yun Lee who played Kaz, Aya’s (BoA) brother. I asked him for a picture and he was with his date or someone [editor’s note: his wife] , but I took the opportunity, because others asked him, as well. He was really nice. We went back to where Wesley was, and asked him also if we could take a picture with him, and so we did.

I was super happy and felt so lucky. This event was something I won’t forget. I had no problems when checking in. The escorts were polite and treated us like the rest of the guests. Of course, we got our free popcorn and drinks; saw BoA and Derek up close; saw the movie and enjoyed it; and overall we had so much fun, despite all the trouble we went through trying to find the location for this premiere.

I will definitely go to watch “Make Your Move” again in theaters when it premieres here in my city.  I want to thank “Drama Fever” for giving fans the opportunity to attend this exciting, fun and amazing event. I had a great time and enjoyed the movie so much. So happy BoA, Derek Hough, and the rest of the cast were there. Thank you!

~~ @seoulay ~~


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