BoA Talks about Derek Hough and the filming of “Make Your Move” in “1st Look” Magazine


The following are excerpts from an interview given by BoA in the Korean Magazine, 1st Look. If you can read Korean, here is the entire interview.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to HaeRan Chun for translating this interview from Korean to English.

할리우드 영화 <메이크 유어 무브>의 주인공이 됐다고 들었어요! 이런 질문을 할 수 있다는 사실이 더 놀랍네요. 게다가 감독인 듀안 에들러가 먼저 제안했다면서요?
We heard you starred in a Hollywood movie “Make Your Move”! The fact that this question can be asked is most surprising. Plus the director Duane Adler approached you first?

I was really surprised too. Usually the manager gets the script, but this time the producer gave it to me. I left that place saying I’ll think about it, but it was already decided. It was the main character of a dance movie, plus the work of a director of a movie I like.

Donny Aya Dancing

좋아하는 영화는 그럼 당연히 <스텝 업>이겠네요?
The movie you like is “Step Up”, right?

Yes. (They discuss the movie “Step Up” a bit, the director, the film shooting experience and how 3D is different than what’s she’s done before.

The Cobu Girls in "Make Your Move"

The Cobu Girls in “Make Your Move”

댄스도 암기해서 하나요?
Did you memorize the dances?

Of course. Before filming, we spent about 2-3 months on choreography. Combined with filming, we danced constantly every day for months. Because couple dancing takes a long time to get right, it is physically demanding. The male lead, Derek, had to lift me many times, and we had to get the balance right. It was physically tough, and I had to memorize a lot of English which was even tougher mentally. That’s not all. Because there are taiko drumming and tap dancing scenes, I had to learn those new things too. In addition, when we started filming, depending on the environment and situation, many things kept changing.


남자 주인공인 데릭 커프와의 호흡은 어땠나요?
How was the chemistry with the male lead Derek Hough

Acting was a first for both of us, but we had a passion for it. Derek is a native English speaker and speaks English so well that it was so surprising (laughs). He often ad-libbed and I was embarrassed. Later we became really close so I felt comfortable and had fun filming. Getting close helps the chemistry automatically.


음악할 때에도 하모니가 잘 맞으면 그 사람이 다르게 보인다는 얘기를 들었는데, 춤 호흡이 잘 맞을 때도 그런가요? 춤의 호흡이 잘 맞는다는 느낌이 뭔지도 궁금하긴 해요.
We hear that even in music if the harmony fits well then the person looks different, when the chemistry in dance fits is it the same? We’re also curious what that feels like, when the dance chemistry fits.

When the chemistry does not fit, then we don’t see each other when it’s over. But when something fits right then you make eye contact and smile. I guess I’m trying to say we smile naturally. Derek knows his likes and dislikes, so when something didn’t feel right while filming, he stopped dancing and threw me (laughs) [Editor’s note: Korean joke that does not translate into English well]. Maybe because it’s work like physical fitness, we tend to express straightforwardly. When we disagreed, we disagreed a lot. When we agreed, we liked dancing.


대체 어떻게 싸운다는 건가요?
What’s to disagree about?

Both saying the other one did it wrong. You can’t do it any other way, especially in couple dancing of a high level of difficulty.  Both have to match well so things don’t go wrong, so while you disagree you work things out exactly. I heard in couple dancing, couples really disagree like this. Really disagree a lot , and really love a lot. Dance harmony has this kind of appeal.

Donny and Aya at Donny's House

보아에게 직접 듣고 싶네요. 이 영화의 스토리를요.
We want to hear in your own words what the story is about.

The film is about how two friends who grew up in different environments and different countries learn to understand each other through dance, and of a budding romance. Can I tell the ending? (laughs)

1. What are these two people doing?

1. What are these two people doing?

스토리와 함께 흘러가는 춤 스토리는 어때요?
How is the dancing that goes along with the story?

Two people who dance well meet. “There is a friend who has a passion for dance similar to me”. From here, there is a spark. And there is a high-intensity couple-dancing on the dance floor.


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