Derek Hough & BoA Promote Their Movie “Make Your Move”! (Part II)

Derek's special message to fans about 'Make Your Move'

Derek’s special message to fans about ‘Make Your Move’

The MAKE YOUR MOVE official Facebook account recently posted this video of Derek telling all the fans to go out and watch MAKE YOUR MOVE on April 18th!

Check it out – Facebook Message from Derek

This interview looks like it was done during the MAKE YOUR MOVE LA Premiere and it was posted on MAKE YOUR MOVE’S official youtube account. Derek says that he’s excited to be introduced to international audiences, the Korean audience, and hopes that he made BoA’s fans proud. He also talks about the evolution of writing the song “Let Me In”.

Here is BoA’s interview from MAKE YOUR MOVE’S official youtube account! BoA explains that this movie was her first time acting EVER and even though she felt pressure acting in English (her third language), she had a lot of help and had a great experience with Duane and Derek. She also was very excited to work with choreographers Nappytabs!

In this interview, Derek talks to The Morning Blend (Las Vegas) and explains how he is NOT a tap dancer and had to learn the style for this film. He also talks about collaborating with Nappytabs for the movie and now for his Move Live on Tour project with his sister Julianne!

Derek Hough talks to The Morning Blend

Lastly, Derek speaks with about his character ‘Donny’, learning about BoA and working with her, his favorite scene in the movie, and the differences between working on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and doing a movie. He also said that his best move in the film is when he kisses BoA!!! Cheeky, Derek, very cheeky! 😉

Our friends at also uploaded an international version if you have trouble playing the video!

Be sure to check out Part I of MAKE YOUR MOVE’S promotion and press tour by clicking here!


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