The Korea Times Interviews BoA About ‘MAKE YOUR MOVE’

BoA on the set of "Make Your Move"

BoA on set

Check out this great interview that The Korea Times did with BoA last week! We are posting some of our favorite parts of the interview, but be sure to click here to read the entire interview and see a beautiful picture of BoA!

BoA behind-the-scenes of  "Make Your Move"

BoA behind-the-scenes of “Make Your Move”

Q: We heard Director Duane Adler wrote the scenario with you in mind.

A: I found that out later while I was filming the movie. When I received the screenplay, I liked it because it focused on dance. At that time, I didn’t have many thoughts of attempting acting, but the visual aspect of this movie that showcases dancing drew me in. I accepted the role because the project didn’t stray too far from the work I’ve always done, and I gained a lot of enthusiasm for acting through it.

BoA and Derek Hough on set of "Make Your Move"

BoA and Derek Hough on set of “Make Your Move”

Q: Your co-star is Derek Hough from “Dancing With the Stars.”

A: It was the first time acting for both of us. I felt comfortable talking to him about ideas and about acting, so I tried my best to communicate with him. I also remember that we had good chemistry while dancing.

Cast of "Make Your Move" at the LA Premiere

Cast of “Make Your Move” at the LA Premiere

Q: You must have communicated and completed the dialogue in English.

A: Because I spoke English the least among the cast and staff on set, people around me were considerate. I had to face it on set because there wasn’t a translator, but it became easier as I became more comfortable talking and getting friendlier with them.

BoA discussing a scene with Duane and Derek

BoA discussing a scene with Duane and Derek

Q: Do you plan on continuing acting in the future?

A: I actually came here to LA in the middle of filming in Korea. I’m playing a lead role alongside Lee Jung-jae and Seol Kyung-goo in the action film “Big Match,” which will be released in the second half of this year. We’ve been filming for almost five months now, and I’ve done some action scenes as well.

BoA and co-star Miki Ishikawa at LA premiere

BoA and co-star Miki Ishikawa at LA premiere

Q: Any last words you want to say to Korean Americans?

A: “Make Your Move” is coming out soon, and I hope that a lot of people, especially those who like dance, will come see it. I’ll be active in both singing and acting this year. I wish for Korean Americans to continue living a good life, a happy life.


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