BoA: “Derek Hough was like a teacher to me.”


We came across a blog on the Koreaboo site in which BoA talks about how Derek helped her.

BoA stated, “We filmed this movie three years ago. It was my first time acting in my life. There was definitely a lot of pressure and added difficulty in acting in English. It was physically draining as well to not only act but also perform various dance sequences as well. However, I have put in all my best effort.” She explained that her acting partner, Derek Hough, was like a teacher to her: “Usually, Derek Hough would keep in step with the acting partners, and I would practice standing on stage alone. So I had much help from him for this acting role. Also, Derek Hough helped a lot with my American pronunciations.”

To read this blog in its entirety, go here.


Another translation for what BoA said is below, and also answers the question she was asked of why she refers to Derek as her “teacher”.

Derek has more experience dancing with partners than me. I have always danced alone on the stage. He led me a lot while we were couple dancing. And he taught me English equivalents when I said the lines.  He said “I think Americans say it like this.” Thanks to his help, we became friends together. Yeah, Derek became my closest friend among all my foreign friends. (laughs)

Editor’s note: Make Your Move is not BoA’s first venture into acting. It is, however, her first big role, and as a leading lady.

Though Make Your Move is Derek Hough’s first movie role, he is not new to acting, nor to being a leading man.  He has a lot of experience in theater in London, England. His most acclaimed role as a leading man was for his performance in the original London cast of Footloose: the Musical. Derek’s star had truly risen — and he was only 21 years old.

Watch here as Derek performs one of the musical, dance numbers in Footloose.



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