Derek Hough and BoA’s ‘Love Messages’ to Each Other

How sweet is this!  Below are some video clips in which BoA and Derek Hough show their mutual love and affection for each other.

In the first video, Derek and Director Duane Adler, who could not attend the Make Your Move Showcase (premiere) event in South Korea on April 11, have sweet video messages for BoA.

At the end of Derek’s message to her, he says, “Daebak!”. BoA taught Derek the Korean phrases “BoA-ya” (her name in Korean) and “Daebak”! Daebak means jackpot. πŸ™‚ Listen below.

Also, during the the Make Your Move Showcase,  BoA talks about Derek in what is called “BoA’s Love Letter”. (She has ‘love letters’ for Duane, Nappytabs, Yunho, and other cast and crew as well. Not included here.)

At the :44 mark she says:

“Dear partner, also my best teacher, Derek!

Thanks so much for helping me to dance, and for helping me to act while filming “Make Your Move”. My unforgettable partner who had many things in common with me, and helped me, Derek zzang!! (zzang means “The Best”.)

When asked why she refers to Derek as her “teacher”, she says:

Derek has more experience dancing with partners than me. I have always danced alone on the stage. He led me a lot while we were couple dancing. And he taught me English equivalents when I said the lines.  He said “I think Americans say it like this.” Thanks to his help, we became friends together. Yeah, Derek became my closest friend among all my foreign friends. (laughs)

Derek and BoA met for the first time in the dance studio for the rehearsals for Make Your Move. In as much as BoA is shy with strangers, she didn’t say anything to him. The situation was awkward. Derek broke the silence by saying, “I like your hood.” BoA responded by thanking him for his kindness. Needless to say, judging from their chemistry while dancing, they got over the awkwardness and shyness. πŸ™‚

Below is the video in Korean where BoA tells this story. In the video, she mimics how Derek referred to the ears on her hood. See how coy she becomes.

This was the hood.


Adorable, BoA. We like your hood too. πŸ™‚


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