How Did BoA, Derek Hough, & the Rest of the Cast Join ‘Make Your Move’

Make Your Move Wallpaper 99b

One of the most interesting aspects of MAKE YOUR MOVE is how diverse the cast is! We found this article from about how MAKE YOUR MOVE casting director, Alyssa Weisberg, put together our wonderful cast. Take note that BoA had been attached to the project before Alyssa came on board and that Duane Adler was already interested in Derek as the male lead!


“When Weisberg joined the project, BoA was already attached. Adler had see Hough at a taping of “Dancing with the Stars” and was already interested in him, as well. “By the time we went into pre-production, it was clear that Derek was our Donny,” Weisberg says. She also quickly cast Nick, played by Wesley Jonathan, and Kaz, played by Will Yun Lee. “Both actors gave fantastic reads!” Weisberg says.

No matter what genre Weisberg is casting, she says she looks for the same qualities. “I look for the best and most interesting actors for the roles. Finding actors who have a great presence and bring something new and fresh is such an amazing challenge.” She enjoys working with directors and producers who are “open to emerging talent and out-of-the box ideas.” Of course, with “Make the Move,” dancing was an important skill and Weisberg knew she needed actors who were great dancers for the roles of Tatianna and Natsumi, which were among the more difficult to cast.”

Read the rest of the article here!

We also found another video interview that Derek did during the MAKE YOUR MOVE press tour! Here he speaks about the movie with The Rhode Show!


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