Box Office Grosses and Rankings for “Make Your Move”

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Make Your Move opened in the United States on April 18, 2014, almost three years after the filming of the movie. How did it do?

So far the film has an earnings total of $90,789 dollars domestically, giving Make Your Move a ranking of 38, as of Monday, for current releases. Its total ranking is 9,374 out of 12,600 films. Not too bad!

Below are the four day totals.

  • Friday – April 18 – $30,089
  • Saturday – April 19 – $30,438
  • Sunday – April 20 – $20, 645
  • Monday – April 21 – $9,617

Foreign grosses from July 2013 to the present are $1,346,000. These figures are totals from 13 countries. Combined, therefore, the worldwide gross is $1,436,789.

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Credits to: Box Office Mojo

Make Your Move is an independent film, and “Indies” notoriously do not have big budgets for advertising. As we all know, there was very little commercial promotion of this movie. It is somewhat amazing that it has done as well as it has from mainly word-of-mouth and social media.  Choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo judge the film to have had a successful opening, saying on Instagram:

So much fun doing commentary for #MakeYourMove DVD. Movie did fantastic this weekend. Who went and saw it?

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 11.09.51 PM

We will have to see how successful the film ends up being. The determining factor will be if movie cinemas continue showing the movie more than just one week, and if other theaters pick up the film to show it in more theaters across the United States.

A member of our team has this to say about the numbers from opening weekend:

I compare [this movie] to a movie I knew about in the late 70s. It was released in about the same number of theaters (142). It only grossed $318,000 or so its opening weekend. The movie is called the “Idolmaker” [1980]. It received rave reviews but very little promoting. I will say this; The amazing performances from Ray Sharky & Peter Gallager in this small film, helped to catapult their movie/TV careers.

“Beast of The Southern Wild” also comes to mind. It opened up to only $170,000 its first weekend. The little girl in the movie went on to be nominated for an Oscar! This was a couple of years ago.

Derek & BoA have received some great reviews, so I really believe/hope their hard work will not go unnoticed.

In Korea, Make Your Move opened on April 17, 2014, and rated 16 in the Box Office rankings. Another successful opening.

As fans of Derek Hough, BoA, Will Yun Lee, Wesley Jonathan, and the other amazing members of the cast, we can do our part to assure the success of this film by making sure that we see the movie ‘in the theater’, and by promoting it to our friends and relatives. Let’s continue our advertising efforts by word-of-mouth. So far, we’ve all done a great job, haven’t we? 🙂

Make your move, folks!

*Movie ratings and grosses are credited to Box Office Mojo.


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