Read More Great Reviews For ‘Make Your Move’! (Week 2)


Now that MAKE YOUR MOVE is going into its second weekend, we encourage you to go see the movie again or tell other people to go see the movie for the first time! We found some more great movie reviews from critics who enjoyed the movie. We’ve included some of our favorite parts of the reviews, but be sure to click the link to read the entire movie review!



Then why did I leave the film absolutely giddy, excitedly texting my enthusiasm? Again, THE DANCING! That’s the real reason to see any of these films, yeah? And Derek is the best of the best. He’s good on DWTS. Like really really good. But aside from the occassional filler feature, he always has to hold back so that his partner can keep up. This time, his partner BoA could definitely keep up. Absolute jaw dropping moves, and like nothing I’d ever seen from him before. While it doesn’t surprise me that he can tap dance, I had no idea he had THAT level of tap. I always just associate him ballroom and latin styles, because again, the show.


Duane Adler’s Make Your Move (not to be confused with Step Up, Take the Lead, Stomp the Yard, or any other dance films with an imperative verb in the title) is everything a dance film needs to be. It has dance-talented leads, a hugely charismatic lead actress, an interesting enough story, and enough dance sequences to keep the movie afloat. Indeed, there is a dance sequence in the middle of Make Your Move wherein our handsomely bland hero Donny (Derek Hough) and our chirpy and wonderful heroine Aya (Korean pop idol BoA) seduce and undress one another – in dance – as a form of foreplay. The foreplay dance is one of the best dance numbers I’ve seen in any dance film.

Libertas Film Magazine

Although BoA is clearly still a bit uncomfortable with English, the camera absolutely loves her. Frankly, she handles her dramatic responsibilities rather well, thanks to a naturally warm screen presence. It is also nice to see [Yako] Miyamoto get some screen time as Kaori, a COBU troupe member. She even gets to start the big climatic dance number with Hough, before BoA and the rest of COBU come in. It’s a show-stopper alright. Although he never shows any moves, Will Yun Lee also brings some professionalism to the proceedings as big brother Kaz.


The Dissolve

BoA’s natural charisma requires no translation, and her robotic co-stars are saddled with such clunky dialogue (“I make million-dollar deals before I make my morning coffee!”) that her nascent English feels par for the course. Her cultural dexterity emerges as her most evident gift—Make Your Move takes full advantage of her fame as the only Korean artist to have two separate million-selling albums in Japan (particularly impressive given the fractious history between the two countries). The film foregrounds BoA’s multi-lingual fluency, not only overlooking her mild difficulties with English, but also openly celebrating her worldliness as proof of her right to remain in America as a true New Yorker.

Brian Camp’s Film & Anime

Neither Hough nor BoA is a trained actor. They both come to their leading roles from other fields. Some of their more intense dramatic scenes could have used a little more work. But they’re both attractive, have loads of charm and are good dancers. And they’re sincere. I believed they cared about each other and were genuinely drawn to each other. Aya is clearly charmed by Donnie, but puts up some resistance in their early scenes. She doesn’t fall for him at the drop of a hat like she would in a lesser movie. He has to earn her affection. And he does. She talks about him with Natsumi and insists that she likes him because he doesn’t try to control her. For Donnie, Aya represents a challenge of commitment, since in the past he has always given up and walked away from everything he’s started, but now wants to break that pattern. To be sure, the line readings could have been better, but overall, I was moved by their romance.

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