BoA Kwon – ‘Aya’


BoA Kwon is a South Korean singer, dancer, performer, spokeswoman, and actress. BoA has been performing professionally since she was 13 years old and is truly one of the biggest superstars in Asia. BoA’s musical style ranges from high energy pop/dance music to beautiful soulful ballads. She is widely recognized for her incredible dance moves and style, as well as, her electrifying stage performances. BoA has released albums in Korean, Japanese, and English, selling over 20 million records worldwide. One of BoA’s amazing accomplishments was being the first Korean artist to cross over successfully into the Japanese market. It’s because of her that other Korean artists were able to be successful in Japan. BoA just celebrated her 10th year anniversary entering the Japanese market in 2011.

Some career-defining moments BoA has achieved: awarded “Best Artist of the Year” in 2002 in Korea, held the #1 spot on the Oricon Album Weekly Chart seven weeks in a row in Japan, and winning “The Most Influential Artist in Asia” from the MTV Asia Music Awards in 2004, representing both Korea and Japan.

BoA is also a spokeswoman for many top brands such as Olympus, Lotte, Nike, L’Oréal, Japanese cosmetic company Kosé, Skechers, Audio-Technica, GM Daewoo and L’Occitane. Her widespread popularity has also made her a “cultural ambassador”; she has represented South Korea in inter-Asian musical events and has appeared in an Oxford University Press-published English-language textbook. BoA appeared in a full length interview with CNN ‘TALK ASIA’ with anchor Anjali Rao (CNN news anchor).

Currently, BoA is one of the three judges/mentors on the South Korean television show ‘K-Pop Star’, which is similar to ‘The X-Factor’ or ‘American Idol. The show has been picked up for a third season, starting next fall.

‘Make Your Move’ is BoA’s debut as an actress. She plays ‘Aya’, the female lead in the film, who is a young Korean dancer living in New York City. Aya is the leader of an all-female dance crew, called the Cobu Girls. The movie is said to revolve around Aya and her love story with Donny (played by Derek Hough) and the rivalry between their brothers.

Official Website:


Twitter: @BoAkwon


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