Nick Gonzalez – Choreographer


(courtesy of Nick Gonzalez’s Facebook)

Nick Gonzalez is an American dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor specializing in hip-hop and tap dancing. He has appeared on Seasons 1 and 2 of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and has appeared in Usher’s music video “Yeah”. Nick has produced choreography for: “HYPE” & “Move It’’ in London, England; “Best Of The Midwest” in Chicago, IL; Dance Carnival 3 in Hanno, Japan; and the latest edition of NBA Ballers 2 and 3. He was also the lead judge for “Got Dance’’, a hit TV show in the Grand Cayman Islands.

Nick is the Co-Creator & Director of NRG Dance Project. He travels all over the world to teach dance workshops and has been selected as one of the Lucky 21 hottest up and coming choreographers by Studio Beat Magazine.

For ‘Make Your Move’ , Nick is responsible for training Derek Hough in his tap choreography and choreographing the tap dance/hoofer sequences. Nick also appears in the movie as part of ‘Donny’s’ dance crew.

NRG website:

Twitter: @Nick_Gonzalez1


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