Yako Miyamoto – Choreographer

yako.jpg.scaled980Role Player and Choreographer

Yako is a main choreographer and plays Cobu girl, ‘Kaori’, in the movie.

Yako Miyamoto is the founder and executive artistic director of COBU. Yako is the first Japanese cast member in the Off-Broadway hit STOMP. She has been a Japanese Taiko drummer since she was 8 years old and at the age of 10 was chosen to be an International Goodwill Ambassador between Japan & New Zealand. She majored in Chemistry at Keio University in Japan, during which time she performed as a hip-hop dancer, a musical actress, a percussionist, and gained a black belt in Shoalin Martial Arts. Yako came to New York and established COBU in 1999 and has performed here ever since. She has been written about by The New York Times, The Dancer’s Magazine, Attitude Individual Style Magazine and The Chicago Tribune, among others.
COBU website: http://www.cobu.us/

Twitter: @yakomiyamoto


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