“Make Your Move” to Air on HBO Beginning January 2, 2015



Despite the original limited release of “Make Your Move”, there are now multiple ways for Derek Hough and BoA fans to see the movie that was officially released in the United States on April 18, 2014. In a previous blog, we mentioned that the film is available for rental or purchase on iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, or Comcast On-Demand. Here is that blog.

And now, beginning January 2, 2015, the movie will be available on TV in the US for HBO subscribers (Home Box Office). If you are not a subscriber, contact your local cable company for details. (Additional fees may apply.) Provided your cable company is showing the movie, here is the schedule for the film.

The dancing in this movie makes it a must-see, as well as some of the original music  by artists such as Super Junior, TVXQ, Shannon LaBrie, F(x), Girls’ Generation, and the featured song by Derek Hough “Let Me In.” Of course, Derek Hough is not hard on the eyes, nor is BoA, which makes this movie really easy to watch. 🙂

Other stars in this film directed by Duane Adler, the screenwriter of the Step Up films, are Will Yun Lee, Wesley Jonathan, Miki Ishikawa, Jefferson Brown, Yako Yakamoto, Rich Gonzalez, Michael Mando, and a special guest cameo from Korean pop sensation, Yunho.


Check out “Make Your Move” on HBO, available beginning January 2. What a great way to start the New Year. Treat yourself.



Exclusive Behind-The-Scene Clip from the “Make Your Move” BONUS Feature on DVD


DanceSpirit has just published an exclusive clip from the Make Your Move DVD that is being released on July 22, 2014. Take a look at the article here.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 4.58.50 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 4.59.54 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 5.04.16 PM

Here they are! – THEATER LISTINGS for “Make Your Move” for April 18


In case you missed it, here is the list of cities showing Make Your Move this weekend.

Also, below are the listings of the theaters. In the STATUS column, CFN means confirmed, TEN is “tentative”, meaning not yet officially booked. Check the links below to determine if the movie has changed from tentative and confirmed.

Also, you can always check the links to see if there is a theater closer to you that is not on this list. Please continue to check Fandango or your preferred movie website for updated information on movie showings and whether or not Make Your Move is playing at a theater near you. Some people are reporting that they were able to buy tickets for theaters not listed here.

[Editor’s note: This movie is principally being shown in 2D, a limited number of theaters are showing it in 3D.]

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 3.31.40 PM




This link is being continuously updated, or you can try the links below by submitting your zip code in the search box.

List of Cities Showing “Make Your Move” this Weekend

In case you missed it, here is the list of cities showing Make Your Move this weekend. Below the chart is a link to find the theater nearest you. Even if you don’t see your city, go to the link below and check.

[Editor’s note: This movie is being shown in 3D in only limited locations.]

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 3.31.40 PM

At this Apple Trailers link, it gives you the option to search for movie times by zipcode! Go down to FIND SHOWTIMES. Check it out and hopefully Make Your Move is coming to your town.

Please note: If the Apple Trailers link fails to show showtimes for a city that is listed on the chart, try again at a later time. This link is being continuously updated, or you can try the links below by submitting your zip code in the search box.

Remember, it’s important to go to the movie the 1st week that it opens, April 18-24. See here for our post on why this is important.

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) – All the News About “Make Your Move”


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Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 5.08.39 PM


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Recent and Popular Articles: Derek Hough, BoA, the Cast and Crew, and the Music of “Make Your Move 3D”

“Make Your Move” in 3D Coming to a City Near You….maybe!

make-your-move OST

Below is the chart of the cities in which Make Your Move will be released on April 18. It’s a limited release, folks, so unfortunately, unless it does well in the very first week, this list of cities probably will NOT be expanded.

It all depends on the fans who head to the movie theatres that very first week.


Tell your friends, your relatives, your significant others that it’s necessary to see Make Your Move from April 18 – April 24 (in the United States). The numbers have to be high enough for theatres to make the decision to show the film for another week, and for the distributors to expand the cities in which it is shown.

Here’s what the leading man, himself, has to say to you. Listen!

Spread the word, if you want BoA and Derek’s movie to be successful. Remember, we want this to be a sleeper hit. A ‘sleeper hit’ is a movie that unexpectedly does well despite a poor opening or despite little promotion. For example, Easy Rider, Sleepless in Seattle, Forrest Gump, Sixth Sense, My Best Friend’s Wedding were all sleeper hits.

new promo boa

Unlike movies that promise to be blockbusters due to well known stars and huge publicity campaigns, sleepers start off as unknown quantities, with lesser known stars. Sales start slowly and build from word-of-mouth, as upfront publicity is generally non-existent. Ever wonder why Make Your Move had so many screenings? Their purpose is to generate tons of word-of-mouth advertising. This is often done for low budget or independent films.

So, what’s the over-all message here? You’ve got to spread the word! Our rallying cry is “Make Your Move a Sleeper Hit”. ☺

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 3.31.40 PM

Don’t see your city above, search these popular theater websites by submitting your zip code in the search box.

To read more about why Make Your Move is a limited release, read here.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 1.17.59 PM

More Photos from the “Make Your Move” Premiere Screening

These photos are from Getty Images during the premiere screening of Make Your Move on March 31st in Los Angeles. Head on over there and take a look at more.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

New Info on the “MAKE YOUR MOVE” Soundtrack — “Let Me In” Release Date on iTunes & Full Song List!

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 4.43.10 PM


It looks like we have a major clue to the release date for the much anticipated MAKE YOUR MOVE soundtrack!

Pop Reviews Now (@popreviewsnow) tweeted out the photo below today. It says that OST will be released globally through SM Entertainment (record company for BoA and almost every major K-pop superstar out there) on APRIL 7. 🙂



The movie’s love theme song “Let Me In” will be released on iTunes on Monday. We are assuming that is this upcoming Monday, March 31, which is also the day of the movie’s Los Angeles red carpet premiere. We will definitely keep you updated on Monday if we see the song for sale on iTunes! Please support and buy the song!!

Derek Hough filming 'Let Me In' Music Video for the OST

Derek Hough filming ‘Let Me In’ Music Video for the OST


We also discovered this article tonite from pop music blog MuuMuse. The blog publishes the full track list of MAKE YOUR MOVE, but the big surprise seems to be that BoA’s version of “Let Me In” is NOT included on the soundtrack. We have contacted our sources to get confirmation on this and we’ll let you know if we find anything out. We will be very sad if BoA doesn’t even have a song on her own movie’s soundtrack!

OST Song List 03272014

Read the entire article here.

For a lot more information on the MAKE YOUR MOVE official soundtrack, click here and here.

We Need Your Help! — “Make Your Move” May Only Be A ‘Limited Release’


Hey everyone! If you are fans of Derek Hough and BoA, we need your help!

Would you like to be a part of making sure that everyone who loves dance movies has an opportunity to see this awesome pair in their debut leading roles in Make Your Move? You may not think that your assistance is needed in any way, but it is. Here’s why and how.

1. Originally, when Make Your Move was still entitled Cobu 3D, Lionsgate was its international distributor. Distributors market a film, advertise it, promote it, help make it successful, and Lionsgate is a HUGE distributor. However, in January 2012, Lionsgate bought out Summit Entertainment, and with its newly expanded pipeline of films, they began abandoning some projects. We think Cobu 3D was one of them, because Lionsgate doesn’t seem to be one of the film’s distributors anymore. Losing the dollars of a major distributor hurts.

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 6.10.04 AM

2. When Lionsgate merged with Summit Entertainment, it meant that they now had their own dance franchise in the ‘Step Up’ series, which has another film releasing in July. This may be why Lionsgate is no longer the distributor of the film domestically. The new US distributor of Make Your Move is the smaller High Top Releasing.*

3. Did you know that Make Your Move is also an independent film? Independent films, called indies, are not made by major motion picture studios, but rather by smaller independent companies. As a result, indies often have considerably lower budgets with which to work.

So we have an independent film and a smaller player as a distributor. That means that Make Your Move may end up being a limited release. Sorry to tell you, but Make Your Move may NOT be coming to a theater near you after all.

Continue reading

New RELEASE DATE for “Make Your Move 3D” in the United States


Tap Shoes and a Taiko – COMING SOON!

ANNOUNCEMENT: MakeYourMoveFans has just heard that there is a new release date for Make Your Move 3D. It is now April 18, 2014. 🙂

Recently, Make Your Move 3D star, Derek Hough, was interviewed for Annex Man Magazine. In that interview, he mentioned April as the release date for his film. We were surprised to hear that, and had been awaiting confirmation since then. We can now confirm that April 18th is the official date for the film’s release in the United States!

An excerpt - Annex Man Interview

An excerpt – Annex Man Interview

Late last year, we reported that the film would be released in the United States on March 28, however that date has been changed. We’re sure that the three week delay will disappoint those fans who have been waiting for a very long time, but there are many reasons that release dates change. For one, studios try to position their productions at times when they think they will do best. Take a look at all the films already scheduled for 2014 here.

Credit: Annex Man Magazine

Credit: Annex Man Magazine

Many of our followers have asked when Make Your Move 3D will be released in other countries, such as Korea, England, France, etc. Director, Duane Adler, stated that often these countries wait for the American release and then schedule their own releases. If you missed Duane’s interview with us, please click here.

In the meantime, if you hear of any release dates in your own countries, please be sure to tweet us at @MakeYourMove3D.