3D Film Making

1) Movie making in 3D is a tool that makes horror more horrific or speed more impactful, but how will 3D change a dance film? We will find out with Make Your Move 3D.
2) According to Director Duane Adler, the effect of 3D is to draw the audience into Nick and Kaz’s dance clubs so that we feel that we are actually there. Let’s Dance!!!
3) Tests of viewers watching 3D show an increased level of activity in parts of the brain. That’s a sneaky way to get exercise!
4) In 3D filmmaking, the movie is shot with scenes exactly as they would appear to someone who is watching it being filmed.
5) 3D action is created most often using a blend of live action shots, computer generated images, and 2D to 3D conversion.
6) Converting 2D movies to 3D involves editing to add an additional view and providing separate left eye and right eye images.
7) Over 70% of moviegoers choose the 3D version of a movie over the 2D version, even with the premium price.
8) Understanding the basics of how 3D technology works.
9) Movie making in 3D is over 100 years old. One of the first movies to use 3D technology was a French movie in 1903.
10) There are about 7000+ popular feature films due to be released in 2012. Make Your Move 3Dwas listed at #291 to be released. It did not happen for a variety of reasons. It’s release date is now 2013.

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