Asian Names

1) In Korean, men call their sweethearts by their first name + ya.
………..So Donny would call his sweetheart Aya, “Aya Ya”.

2) In Korean, “da” means “I am”.
………..So maybe when Aya met Donny for the first time, she said “Aya Da”.

3) In Japan, men call their sweethearts by their first name + chan.
……….So Donny could possibly call Aya, “Aya Chan”Cute!

4) In Japan, girls call their sweethearts by their first name + kun.
……….So Aya might say to Donny, “Donny Kun”So sweet!

5) Derek tweeted BoA, calling her “BoiYa”, but BoA corrected him.
……….She said it’s “BoAya”. It probably just sounded that way to Derek.

6) BoA means: graceful, pure treasure. 寶雅(Bo-Ah: Given name), 寶(Bo) is “treasure”, 雅(A) is “elegant” or “graceful” or “pure”.

7) In case you’re wondering, BoA is not a stage name; it is BoA’s real name.

8) There are many babies named BoA in Korea, born after BoA’s debut. Before that time, BoA was a very rare name.

9) In many Asian countries, a person’s sir name is first, followed by the given name. BoA Kwon is Kwon BoA in Korea.

10) Many Koreans’ names are from Chinese characters.
……..BoA’s characters are:  權 寶雅.  權 (Kwon) 寶 (Bo)  寶  (The A is pronounced “Ah”)

11) Japanese has two forms of phonetic writing, Hiragana and Katakana.
……….Most writing is done in a mixture of Hiragana and Kanji (Chinese characters.)

12) Katakana is used, instead of Hiragana, for the writing of words from foreign languages.

13) Kwon BoA’s “Katakana” characters are クォン・ボア.
………..Pronunciation is クォン(Kwon) ボ(Bo)ア(Ah).

14) BoA Kwon in “Katakana” Japanese characters is “クォンボーああ”.
………..Pronunciation is  Quohn bo-AH.

15) Derek Hough in “Katakana” Japanese characters is “デレクハフ”.
……….His name is pronounced De-reek HAH-fu.

16) Hangul is a Korean writing system, where each block represents a syllable and tells you how to pronounce the syllable. The symbols represent actual sounds, not words like in Chinese characters.

17) Derek Hough in “Hangul” Korean characters is “데릭허프”
……….His name is pronounced DE-reek HU-pu.

18) BoA Kwon in “Hangul” Korean characters is “권 보 아”.
……….Her name is pronounced Qun BO-ah.


4 comments on “Asian Names

  1. Not everything is quite right.

    1. There is not an exactly same word for honey/sweetheart in Korean. In the dictionary, 여보(yeobo), 자기(jagi) were registered, but they don’t include the meaning of honey/sweetheart. It is because traditionally, a husband and a wife were in a relatioship based on trust and respect rather than sweetness.

    The suffixes -yah and -ah don’t belong to that content. ~ah (~아) and ~yah (~야) are commonly used when friends address each other as well people who are of lower age.

    2. ‘Da’ doesn’t mean ‘I am’. It’s 입니다 (Imnida) or 이예요 (iyeyo). So if BoA would have wanted to introduce herself in Korean to Donny it would be 나는 권보아 이예요 or 나는 권보아 입니다.

  2. Thanks for your reply. One member of our team is Korean (and lives in Korea). She wrote this blog so that our English speaking followers could better understand the concept of Asian names. It was an attempt to make a complicated subject a bit more simplified. 🙂

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