BoA Kwon

1) When Director Duane Adler decided he wanted to do a movie based on Cobu dancing, his mind was fixed on BoA Kwon being the female star.
2) BoA turned down other dance movie roles, before accepting the leading role in Cobu 3D/Make Your Move.
3) BoA put the wish to be a singer in a time capsule when she was 8 years old, and her wish came true 5 years later!
4) BoA met Derek for the first time here at one of her concerts in Los Angeles.
5) BoA speaks and sings in Korean, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and English.
6) In 2004, BoA won “The Most Influential Artist in Asia” award from the MTV Asia Music Awards.
7) In June 2006, the music video of her Korean song “My Name” became the first music video ever shown on MTV K, an MTV music channel directed at Korean Americans.
8) BoA’s mainstream US musical debut was in 2008 with the song “Eat U Up”.
9) BoA is making her acting debut in Hollywood with the release of Make Your Move.
10) BoA was the voice of Heather, the Oppossum, in the Korean and Japanese versions of Over the Hedge.
11) BoA’s popularity extends throughout East Asia; she has fans in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.
12) In 2010, BoA acted on a TV show, Athena: Goddess of War. She played herself. This was her first foray into acting.
13) BoA is represented by SM Entertainment, the company that she helped to make the largest entertainment company in Asia.
14) In 1998, BoA was chosen in an audition by SM Entertainment, then a small private company started by Lee Soo Man.
15) BoA is currently a judge on SBS K-Pop Star, a TV show in Korea.

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