Cast and Crew

1) Leading man, Derek Hough, had to gain 10 pounds of muscle for his role as Donny.
2) In ‘Make Your Move 3D’, Donny’s brother, Nick (played by Wesley Jonathan) runs the city’s hottest club, a place where explosive dancers from about the globe gather and perform.
3) Izabella Miko trained for 6 months on the trapeze for a prior film and became a skilled aerialist. She plays a trapeze artist in this film.
4) In ‘Make Your Move’, Rich Ting plays Oku, a cop (who is Kaz’s right hand man) who beats up on Donny (Derek Hough) in the alley.
5) Multi-talented Michael Mando, plays Raphael in the movie, a friend of Nick (Wesley Jonathan).
6) The English musician, DJ Rusko, plays himself in ‘Make Your Move’, filming scenes in a warehouse in Toronto.
7) In ‘Make Your Move’, Natsumi (Miki Ishikawa), Aya’s (BoA) best friend, is dating Kaz, Aya’s older brother (Will Yun Lee). It’s complicated!
8) Kaz and Aya (Will and BoA) are siblings who look alike, and Donny and Nick (Derek and Wesley) are siblings who don’t. 🙂
9) You won’t be seeing camaraderie like this on screen between these two; Oku and Nick are rivals. (via RichTing)
10) Rob Knox, a Grammy nominated music producer, is one of the music producers for ‘Make Your Move 3D’.
11) Derek trained in tap dancing  for 3 months prior to shooting the film. He was trained by tapper and choreographer, Nick Gonzalez, though Derek has had prior tapping experience.
12) Choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha D’Umo, known as NappyTabs, have had a HUGE part in choreographing the dances for BoA and Derek in this movie.
13) BoA’s character, Aya, is a South Korean girl, who previously lived in Japan and moved to NYC to be a top dancer in the United States.
14) The cast sometimes filmed into the wee morning hours. One day they filmed for 16 hours straight.
15) The ‘Make Your Move’ cast had time to enjoy a little fun on set; it wasn’t all work, work, work. (via Rich Ting)
16) Here are fans in Toronto, Canada, watching ‘Make Your Move’ being filmed. Here’s what they were watching.
17) Here is Derek, along with Nick Gonzalez, Shawn Byfield, and Chloe Arnold, practicing a dancing scene.
18) Filming began in Toronto on May 9, 2011, and wrapped for the majority of cast members on June 24, 2011. Reshoots occurred in 2012 for a few cast members.
19) Derek (a songwriter and musician) wrote the lyrics & music to Let Me In, which is a ballad and the main theme song of the movie. Donny and Aya dance a beautiful and romantic lyrical hip-hop duet to ‘Let Me In’.
20) For the movie, both leading actors, Derek and BoA, underwent months of intense tap dance rehearsal.
21) ‘Make Your Move’ has a diverse cast of many ethnicities: Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Puerto Rican, African-American, Caucasian and more.
22) The producer of ‘Make Your Move’ is Robert Cort, who has also produced Three Men and a Baby, Cocktail, Jumanji, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise, The Cutting Edge, Against the Ropes, Runaway Bride, Mr. Holland’s Opus, and Save the Last Dance. CJ Entertainment and SM Entertainment are co-producing the film.
23) The director of the movie, Duane Adler, has written two of history’s top 6 revenue-grossing dance and teen romance movies, such as STEP UP and SAVE THE LAST DANCE!

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