Make Your Move’s Storyline

1) A pair of star-crossed dancers in New York find themselves at the center of a bitter rivalry between their brothers’ dance clubs in NYC’s underground scene.
2) ‘Make Your Move’ is more than just a retelling of the Romeo and Juliet story of forbidden love; it has dancing in 3D, as well.
3) ‘Make Your Move’ is a movie packed full of “dance battles” spanning different styles of dance: Cobu, tap, hip hop, trapeze, tango, etc.
4) ‘Make Your Move’ screenwriter and director, Duane Adler, took a universal love story, but added a different setting, different ages, and the style of dance called Cobu. (See What is Cobu?)
5) In the movie, there are gunshots, shattered windows, family feuds, alley fights, dance battles, arrests, and kissing. A little bit of everything. 🙂
6) The effect of the 3D for this movie is to draw the audience into Nick and Kaz’s dance clubs and the dances themselves, so that we feel we are actually there.
7) In ‘Make Your Move’, Donny (played by Derek Hough), wins the heart of Aya (played by BoA Kwon), despite the efforts of Kaz (played by Will Yun Lee) to thwart this affair.
8) Devoted siblings Aya and Kaz (Will Yun Lee), just don’t see eye to eye on Aya’s interest in street-dancing Donny.
9) Donny is a tap dancer from the streets of New Orleans, who moves to New York City to help his brother run his underground dance club.
10) Donny (Derek Hough) and Nick (Wesley Jonathan) are half brothers in the movie and we know that the backstory is that they have the same mother.
11) Donny’s brother, Nick, is the owner of a dance club that is rather unusual; Nick has a trapeze artist (Izabella Miko) who works for him, who provides the entertainment.
12) In ‘Make Your Move’, Derek and BoA perform a dance that has a mixture of tap and hip-hop dance moves — all on top of a bar counter.
13) The storyline of ‘Make Your Move’ takes place in New York City, but was filmed mostly in Toronto, Canada, with scenes in New Orleans and background shots in New York.
14) The dance sequence between Aya and Donny is supposed to be AMAZING!!!
15) Word has it that there are love scenes between Donny and Aya…..inside a church. Oh my!

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