Do You Know?

Test your knowledge of Make Your Move 3D (aka Cobu 3D) and its characters and plot. Even if you don’t know this information, reading the answers is a great way to familiarize yourself with the movie. The answers are below. Have fun!

1)  What are the names of the characters played by Derek Hough and BoA Kwon?
2)  What is the name of Aya’s brother?
3) Who are the 2 couples who are dating in the movie?
4) Donny travels from what city to what city to be with his brother?
5)  What is the name of Donny’s foster brother?
6)  Who is Oku in the movie?
7) Who owns a nightclub in the movie?
8) How are High School Musical, The Punk, & West Side Story related to Make Your Move 3D?
9) Name 3 of the 5 dancers who play Donny’s Hoofers?
10) True or False:  Cobu is a fusion of Taiko drumming, funk tap dance, and hip hop culture.
11) Name 3 of the 5 dancers who play Aya’s Cobu Girls.
12)  Which dancers in the movie are actual dancers in the New York COBU company?
13) Who is this girl and what role does she play in the movie?
14) Who are Gina and Natsumi in the movie?
15) What happened at this church?
16) One of the Cobu girls is named Rei. Who plays her?
17) How many of the major characters in the movie can you name?

1) Derek plays Donny, and BoA plays Aya

2) Aya’s brother is Kaz (played by Will Yun Lee)

3) Kaz is dating Natsumi (Miki Ishikawa) and Donny is dating Aya (Boa). See here.

4) Donny is from New Orleans and goes to NYC to be with his brother.

5) Donny’s foster brother is Nick, played by Wesley Jonathan.

6) Oku is Kaz’s best friend, played by Rich Ting.

7) Both Kaz and Nick own nightclubs. (Here are Nick and Kaz with Oku)

8) These movies are loosely based on Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, forbidden love by a couple in two rival groups.

9) Donny’s Hoofers: Nick Gonzalez, Chloe Arnold, Shawn Byfield, Amy Gardner, Toya Robinson.

10) TRUE.

11) Aya’s Cobu Girls are (top-left) Miki Ishikawa, Allison Holker, Yako (Bottom left) Haruna Hisada, Tiffany Daniels.

12) Yako Miyamoto founder of COBU and Haruna Hisada are actual Cobu dancers.

13) Izabella Miko plays Tatiana, a trapeze artist who works for Nick at his club.

14) Gina is a Cobu Girl played by Allison Holker and Natsumi by Miki Ishikawa. See Here.

15) Some very hot scenes between Aya and Donny.

16) Tiffany Daniels plays Rei. (Here with Jonathan Wesley and Rich Ting).

17) For the names of the major characters, see this link.


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