The Answers

1) Niet waar.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 1.34.28 PM

ANSWER: It’s Dutch – Aya, when accused of talking continually about Donny, says to her friends, “No, I haven’t.”

2) Skočíš na bar s plechovkama na botách…Co jsi zač?


ANSWER: It’s Czech – Aya, after dancing on a bar with Donny, and then escaping in a taxi with him, says, “You jump up on a bar with cans on your feet. Who does that? (Who are you?”)

3) 我什至不知道你


ANSWER: It’s Chinese – Donny tries to put the moves on Aya, but she says:  “I don’t even know you.”

4) Hộp đêm hàng đấu ở New York.

ANSWER: It’s Vietnamese – Nick proudly says about his club, “New York’s number one nightclub.”

5)Ни за что

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 1.53.03 PM

ANSWER: It’s Russian – Nick tells Donny to stop seeing Aya, to which Donny responds, “Not a chance.”


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