What is Cobu?

1) According to the New York Times, the original title of ‘Cobu 3D’ had an alternative title, which was ‘Cobu: New York Nights’. It has now been changed to ‘Make Your Move’ because the movie’s marketing team felt that “Cobu” would be a tough sell in a 2 minute trailer for American audiences.
2) The original movie title “Cobu” is taken from the New York performing arts group, COBU, started by Yako Miyamoto.
3) Yako Miyamoto says that Cobu Director Duane Adler saw her performances 6 years ago and asked her if she wanted to create a movie.
4) Yako created Cobu to be a new style of performance, combining Japanese taiko drumming and Broadway tap dancing.
5) Yako defines her “COBU” performances as “drum like dancing, dance like drumming”.
6) “Cobu” is from the word CO, which means drumming, and BU is the word for dancing. Together it means: stir up one’s mind. When drumming it stirs up one’s mind to do dancing.
7) “Cobu” in Chinese characters is “鼓舞”. The pronunciation is GUWU (in Chinese), COMU (in Korean), and COBU (in Japanese). 鼓  means Drumming.  舞 means Dancing.
8) Taiko means “drum” in Japanese and Taiko drumming refers to the recent art form of ensemble drumming.
9) See the members of the authentic Cobu New York ensemble.

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