Part IV – “Make Your Move 3D’s” Film Promotion: EXCLUSIVE Interview with Duane Adler

Duane Adler

Duane Adler

Below is Part IV of the 4-part interview with Duane Adler, the screenwriter and director of Make Your Move 3D.

If you missed Parts I, II, and III you will definitely want to catch up here and here and here.

Part I – The Film
Part II – The Cast and Crew
Part III – The Music

Enjoy Part IV below. 🙂

Part IV – Film Promotion

Make Your Move Fans: Are there plans to have a performance by Derek and BoA or other cast members on Dancing With the Stars? It would be great promotion for the movie on the show.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 2.09.46 PM

Duane: I would love to do that of course, our entire team would! Now that we’ve locked a release date of next March, and our marketing team is kicking their plans into gear, it’s something we will certainly talk about. It’s complicated, though, because there’s a major network (ABC) involved and a lot of layers have to be approved. Please note we have not yet had any discussions with ABC about this. Our talks have only been among ourselves. But I think it would be a fantastic way to introduce the audience and fans of that show to our movie.

On an aside, it was very cool watching the Emmy awards a couple weeks back, it was kind of like a MAKE YOUR MOVE reunion, to see Napoleon & Tabitha and Derek (who won!) and Allison Holker.

From Left to Right: Allison Holker, Derek, Sonya Taya, Napoleon D'umo, Neil Patrick Harris, Tabitha D'umo, Travis Wall, Mandy Moore. Photo compliments of @PureDerekHough

From Left to Right, the Emmy Nominated Choreographers: Allison Holker, Derek Hough, Sonya Tayeh, Napoleon D’umo, Neil Patrick Harris (Emmy Host), Tabitha D’umo, Travis Wall, Mandy Jo Moore.
Photo compliments of @PureDerekHough

Photo compliments to @PureDerekHough

And the winner is…… !
Photo compliments of @PureDerekHough

My dream scenario for “Dancing with the Stars” would be this: Have Derek begin with an amazing tap number – and our tap is a hybrid of lots of styles – then have BoA and the Cobu girls come out and do their hot, amazing thing with the drums and dancing, then lastly segue into Derek & BoA doing a romantic, sexy duet! That would be HOT! And of course have our phenomenal choreography team put the routine together.


Donny and the Hoofers

Donny and the Hoofers Dancing

Aya and the Cobu Girls

Aya and the Cobu Girls

Donny and Aya Dancing and Romancing

Again, in my “dream scenario” here, we wouldn’t do exact numbers from the movie, we’d do almost a tribute or homage to the numbers in the film.

There you go – that’s what I would love to see happen!


BoA – Candid Rehearsal

Make Your Move Fans: You have often mentioned having a WORLD TOUR. What is that exactly? When can we expect it?

Duane: I’ve probably been a little misleading by calling in a “World Tour” because some people might be thinking I meant a music tour. I didn’t mean a music tour! Because we are being released in foreign countries one at a time, I was referring to our release as being kind of like when a music artist “goes on tour,” he or she goes to one city or country stop after another, performing for the fans. That’s the way I look at how our movie is being released. We’re not hitting every country at once, we’re “touring”, going one market at a time. I hope that clarifies. This is life in the independent world, where we’re always trying to find creative ways to release the movie.

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Make Your Move Fans: Why has the film debuted in Europe first, rather than the United States or Asia?

BoA and Derek rehearsing

BoA and Derek – Candid Rehearsal

Duane: Its release schedule in Europe was dictated by foreign sales. To help finance the movie, the film’s rights were bought by various distributors abroad. To recoup what they paid, those distributors need to release the movie, which is what they started doing in July.

Make Your Move Fans: Please give us a rough idea of when the movie will release in the United States and in Korea.

The United States

The United States

Duane: As you know already, March 28, 2014 is our release date in the States. I’m not sure yet when it’s being released in Korea. Our partners there are discussing strategy and timing. As soon as I have anything concrete to share, I’ll let you know…!

Thanks to everyone with @MakeYourMove3D for all your enthusiasm and help, and mostly, thanks to all our fans out there who are supporting or waiting to support the movie’s release! Love you guys…

We, at MakeYourMoveFans, would like to thank Director Duane so much for this entertaining and interesting series of interviews. We hope you have enjoyed them. 🙂


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