Preview Review – 6/19/12

“No spoilers! this movie hasn’t even been advertised yet, so i don’t want to let any plot/dance slip before anyone sees trailers. it also has not been rated yet, so i’m not sure if anything will change by the time they release it to the general public.

all i knew about the movie was that it was a dance flick that starred BoA and derek hough, me being more interested in the former. i had a feeling that the movie was either going to be really good or really bad.

turns out that the plot, while cheesy and kind of predictable, was not as melodramatic and dumb as certain other dance movies (i love all the step up movies… except the second and third totally lost me when they tried to sell the plot. just stick with the dancing, please), and the acting wasn’t terrible. actually, BoA could have been a bit better acting-wise, but i’m not so sure that was her fault, as her character (and most female leads in this type of movie) was pretty flat. derek hough was a better actor, but i preferred her dancing (he was amazing, but he pretty much did one style throughout the entire film, while she did multiple).

and here is the major kicker – the dancing! it was really impressive. step up 3 had some nicely choreographed numbers, but it was mostly the cinematography that made it likable. i think that’s one of the chief differences; when jon chu made the 2nd and 3rd step up movies he tried to make it visually charged (or so i think), whereas this film (i don’t think he had any part in it… but i know it will be compared to all the step up films) focused more on the dancing and less on the dialogue. smart move… the dialogue was always something corny and cliched that had me shaking my head and laughing a bit, even when it was a tense moment. “

Read the rest of this person’s review of his/her ‘Cobu’ screening at this link:



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