My Thoughts about “Make Your Move 3D”

Here is a review of Make Your Move 3D, written by a very determined fan. You’ll see what we mean.

MY THOUGHTS via Eniko Balogh
So, I went to watch Derek’s movie, Make Your Move to Osijek, Croatia. This small town is 270 km (160 miles) away from Budapest, Hungary.

Make Your Move film was released first somewhen in the summer in Netherlands or something and now it’s in few European countries but not in Hungary and unfortunately, not a word about a Hungarian premier. And because the film will be released in the USA next March, it’s not on the Internet, not downloadable from anywhere. So, that’s why I decided to go somewhere nearby to watch it. At first, I thought go to Eindhoven, Netherlands because airtickets were very cheap but I wasn’t able to manage my day off and buy a cheap ticket so the days just ran and it’s autumn now. When I checked a very good Make Your Move 3D fan page, saw a Slovakian and a Croatian movie poster and started searchig after infos like an obsessed fan. πŸ™‚ By the time I found the right place and checked bus routes and prices to Bratislava, Slovakia they just ended to show this film. I was sad and disappointed but I didn’t give up just like this. Searched again after new chances. πŸ™‚ And found two possibilities. The nearest is in Topolcany, Slovakia but there this film is Czech dubbed but in 3D. The other possibility was Zagreb or Osijek in Croatia, where this film is in English (with Croatian subtitle) but only 2D. We chose the English version and I booked the tickets for 3 of us and last Saturday drove to Osijek. The route is 3 and a half hour from Budapest so we arrived in time. Before we went into the room I asked the staff whether they have an unwanted poster. However that girl was so nice she couldn’t give me but the guy at the entrance said if I want, stop by him after the film and he sees what he can do.

The strange thing was, we 3 of us were in the room only. No one else, just 3 of us. So it was kind a VIP experience. πŸ™‚ And finally the film began. When I saw first Derek Hough on the big screen, I felt: OMG, I just really made it. I’m here to watch him! But it wasn’t more time to think deeply, needed to watch the film. So, watching Derek was a something special. I didn’t though that is Derek Hough, the ballroom dancer from Dancing With The Stars. He is Donnie from streets of New Orleans. He tap danced well, of course. And I was waiting that moment when Donnie and Aya meet and the love story begins. And it began and I was waiting for their first dance, their first kiss.

The dance in that atmospheric room with song: Let me in was very amazing and choreographed so marvelously that I wish I were just right there. And the story just went on and the second kissing scene came. OMG! That was longer not only a quick kiss, it was a little bit extended. To watch that caused mixed feelings. It was very nice to see but I felt like I peeped, I’m in Derek’s private zone. I’m absolutely sure, every Derek fan has imagined that kiss scene with him and to see in the big screen, how he kisses.. so it’s glamorous. And the next awesomely well choreographed dance before they slept together. That dance was flirty, waggish, tempting, cheeky. I wish I were BoA. πŸ™‚ And then of course, the happy end came and I thought it should have been bigger, louder, more spectacular, more drumming, more tap dancing. And one more kissing scene and it was over. The end. And though it was too short film, or just please start again or something.

So, my summary is: movie is good. The story is just a cliche but loed of course. πŸ™‚ The music is very catchy. BoA is a good actress and dancer. Derek is also a good actor and as we all know, a very good dancer. πŸ™‚ When they danced together, it seems they became to one. And he speaks so fast for me. I need to work with my English, sometimes I totally don’t understand him. But that’s my problem. πŸ™‚

And after the film we went out and the guy said they have a poster but with Croatian text. Of course I wanted it. And now it’s on my wall, opposite of my bed so when I wake up, the first thing what I see, is Derek. πŸ™‚

To see some photos that the author posted, click here.


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