Review 7/30/2013

Below is a review by a fan who takes into consideration many different elements of the movie, Make Your Move 3D. We are posting it for our followers, but caution you that it has spoilers and…is only the opinion of this reviewer. 🙂



by yonghwanistory on Tumblr (Netherlands)

ghehee ( english is not my native language it may contain some errors) I’ve been waiting for this movie for over a year and i couldn’t wait to see it. especially when I heard that one of my favorite solo artists ,BoA, plays the lead role.

It is a definite wonder that the Netherlands is the first country where this movie is being at . And so I had the chance to see the previous named movie “COBU 3D” Saturday the 27th of july.

So what were my thoughts about the movie and is it worth to watch.

When the movie started it was noticeable how many companies co-worked with this movie. Companies like Dutch Film works, SM entertainment and C&J entertainment and many more. I was thrilled.

The 2 lead roles were of course BoA who played Aya and Derek who played Donny.


First I want to point out that this movie deserves an award for the most interracial movie of the year. Donny has a brother who is afro- American. And Aya is Korean but lived her whole life in Japan. In this movie you see mixes and races everywhere. I just loved it. in the beginning I was confused as I thought that Aya was Japanese but in the movie she speaks Korean with her brother. First I thought this was just a stupid fault( like you know the producers think that Korean and Japanese are the same thing ) But the writer played it well as this got explained later on in the movie. this worth watching yes definitely… I’m a sucker for love stories and I’ve watched a looooooooot But it was very refreshing to see.



This is an obvious love story in the genre of step up, you got served, save the last dance etc. etc. So what is the ROI and selling point of this movie and what makes this different from other movies..?

I’ve seen previous dance movies and in those it was always that the main couple meet love each other. And then there is conflict so they hate each other and then there this huge dance off and they love each other and come together again. But this make your move is a sort of Romeo & Juliet. Aya’s brother (Kaz) and Donny’s brothers(Nick) used to be best friends but are enemies now. It is very amusing how Donny keeps contacting Aya in almost a stalker-ish way. But they are just NOT [allowed] to be together. There are a few interesting factors in the movie as that Donny was in jail. And that Aya’s permit to stay in the us is expiring. These are matters that usually don’t appear in these types of movies. Of course you have these cliché too obvious lines. But I think that the story is quite interesting. It is also that sometimes Sm ent. takes over the movie and really random troll mind fucking things happen. And you are like WTF is happening. 7/10


Donny(Derek ) and Aya (BoA) have a great chemistry. They are perfect together. Especially in the “ love making scene” Donny is a great great great and lovely actor. I believed every word he said. BoA’s acting was not that spectacular but I didn’t expect it either. You really noticed that she was trying to control her breathing so her accent would not been heard. And sometimes I even flinched because of the way she talks BUUUUUT the producers were genius as they used this and she was covered this as like Derek said things like” I love the way you are talking” giving really that feeling that she indeed is just an foreign staying temporarily in the USA.

Chemistry: 9/10

Screenplay 6.5/10


I like the fact that the biggest part of these movie was Tap dance. The really brought Tap dance to a whole new level. It is also funny how in the scenes they when they danced they “ free styled in a choreographed way” the dances were refreshing and cool. As for Yunho’s part damn he fucking killed me. That dance was so sexy.


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