Review by Non-Derek/BoA Fan

This is the first review we are offering that was written by someone who did not know Derek Hough or BoA Kwon before watching the movie, Make Your Move 3D. We thought you’d enjoy reading a non-biased opinion. 🙂 First published on 7/31/2013.


A Fan Review by: @Cypher_67

It’s been a while since I’ve last reviewed a movie, but I felt this one deserved one hell of a review. I’m going all out on this one. Because of reasons.

Make your Move is a movie about dance, but it’s a different story than the ones we’ve seen before. No big time dance battles, no crews going against each other, just two people meeting and falling for each other, expressing their feelings through dance.

Donny lives in New Orleans and has to find a job as to not end up in prison again. To earn money, he dances on the street, but his parole officer doesn’t like it. Violating the terms of his parole, he packs his bags and goes to Brooklyn, where his brother Nick runs an underground nightclub. Nick’s former partner (Kaz) too owns a nightclub, placing them on opposite sides. To make things interesting, Donny meets Aya, who happens to be Kaz’s sister. Aya needs to find a permanent job (preferably with her group Cobu) to get a visum to stay in the US.

Aya and Donny get to know each other, and they dance together, and they fall in love. How it ends, you’ll have to see for yourself…

The characters were interesting to see on screen and the dynamic between them was great. How Donny and Aya interacted with each other was both sweet and powerful. Between Nick and Donny we could see the usual banter between siblings. Nick and Kaz displayed the story of friends becoming enemies, and you could see neither liked to be in this position. Derek Hough did a great job as Donny. I found out he’s a professional dancer after I’d seen the trailer for the movie, and his performance was amazing. Now I know he’s a great actor too (and a singer, if you didn’t know it). Kwon Boa was totally unknown to me, but she is an amazing performer.

The soundtrack was, in one word, gorgeous. I can’t remember the last time I was this touched by music in a movie. I couldn’t stop tapping my foot along to the music. The instrumental song in Nick’s nightclub (the one where one woman is ‘singing’ while others dance) is mesmerizing, it’s also the first time Donny spots Aya and the music is magical, perfect for the scene. My absolute favorite is Let Me In, a song playing during an extremely powerful dance scene between the leading characters. Goosebumps on my arms and tears in my eyes, that’s all I can say. The song is gorgeous, beautiful, and kind of heartbreaking at the same time. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Last but not least, the dance element. I wish I could find the words to properly say what I think about it, but that’s just it; there are no words. The closest I get to expressing how I felt about the dance is asdfghjksfqshgdjqk, but that doesn’t make sense. I had a goofy grin on my face whenever Donny and Aya danced, whether it was together or apart. I honestly felt like dancing along in my seat, but I’d look like a spastic giraffe, so I let the professionals do the dancing.

These scenes are exactly what I’ve missed in other movies; break it down to two people dancing together. I don’t need the huge sequences with flashing lights and group choreographies (although I enjoy those too), but just a couples dance makes my heart beat faster. the way Derek Hough (Donny) and Kwon Boa (Aya) moved together and apart, was magical. I enjoyed every single second of those scenes.

Taiko and tap dance are two elements you don’t see that often in dance films, and I think they are severely underrated. These things gave the movie its uniqueness (is that even a word? If not, it is now). The ‘secondary’ dance acts that could be seen in the nightclubs were awesome! There were so many different styles and yet it all came together as a whole. It all fit perfectly.

As a conclusion, I can honestly say that in my humble and very personal opinion, this is the best dance movie I have ever seen. And I think I’ve seen a lot.
Duane Adler (you might remember him from the Step Up franchise, Save the Last dance) as a director has given me something I didn’t know I was waiting for. He has done an amazing job on this movie.

Derek Hough is now my favorite dancer and I will admit I’ve been watching a lot of Dancing with the Stars videos. No regrets. The way he moves, ugh, I can’t get enough of it. My inner fangirl comes to the surface everytime.

Boa is someone you just can’t dislike. She is gorgeous, a great singer, and a great dancer. I’d love to see more of her.

Again, if you want to see a great movie, go check out Make your Move. You won’t regret it, I promise.



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