Sneak Peek Reviews – 7/13/2013

On July 13, 2013, two fans in the Netherlands were privileged to see the sneak preview of  Make Your Move 3D at the Pathe Scheveningen Cinema. We are so pleased to share with you some of the movie highlights from these two fans.

So…let’s get started building the hype for this movie. 🙂

Highlights from  Anita on Twitter

The dance scenes are spectacular. The 3D adds so much to the film while they are dancing. The director sometimes made it look like you’re in the crowd. When you look at the stage, with people standing in front of you, you really got the feeling you’re there at that moment, a feeling I haven’t had with previous dance movies. The dust, fire and camera angles take you in that moment. The fire is coming out of the screen, and when Aya’s playing the drum, she’s embracing the audience.

A nice touch is while Donny and Aya are texting, you can see the words appear in the screen, while you’re watching them look at their phone and typing. They share their intimate moments with the audience.

Donny Aya Dancing

The dancing parts are strong, you can see the passion for dancing in their eyes. The moments they dance together you hear them breathe, non-verbal communicating. You see their concentration, joy and passion. They dance fluent, feel each other and react to each other. Too bad they couldn’t bring these emotions to the monologue parts.

My favorite dance scene in the movie was the part in the bedroom. You hear her breathe loudly! Is that a word? And the bodies just sync when they are dancing. Hot!

The music is well chosen. It really makes the movie complete with the dancing. Let me In (the theme song written by Derek Hough) is well picked, and a theme song people will love and recognize. And here’s a little secret, the mystery song of BoA?……She sings Let Me In during the end credits.

So how does it (the movie) end? There’s a lot of scenery at a nice location. The drums and music are great together, and the 3D kicks are awesome. Rose peddles, dust, light! It all works in the final moments. It’s a movie that gives you a smile on your face when you’re going home. If you keep in mind:

“It’s a typical dance movie. You really go there to see the dancing, not the acting.”

* * * * *

Highlights from  Andrey on the Boijjang Forum

Make Your Move 3D is a Romeo and Juliet themed movie with some Taiko drumming and tap dancing featuring BoA Kwon (Aya) and Derek Hough (Donny). I liked the Romeo and Juliet theme, and I think BoA and Derek have depicted it very well. You’ll get touched by how they grow to each other, interact and sensually dance together.

I liked the COBU Taiko drumming and dance sequences…Then there’s the tap dancing. Now I’m not a fan of tap dancing, but I think Derek did this very well. The only thing is there was no music playing during these tap dances and that made feel those sequences as a bit empty.  If you look at the trailer with Derek and BoA dancing on the bar, it’s great, but in the movie, those scenes were music-less. The end dance however, is a whole different story. That was what I was waiting for and expecting…even though I think they could’ve put more power into it.

…The music that did play during the movie was cool, I’m waiting for the OST to pleasure my ears. Let Me In is a really great song, with BoA and Derek, making it complete! The song is played afterwards as a short rearranged instrumental during some scenes.

I think BoA did great on acting even though there were some moments where she will get you out of the movie. Her English has improved, but it sometimes lacks the right emotion. Donny even mentioned her English as funny, which somehow made it acceptable (as if her way of speaking was just scripted that way).

I think Derek acted pretty well. I don’t know him, but I got the impression that he may have some acting background (besides dancing). [Editor: He does.] They both danced great, especially in the end…I haven’t watched (many) dance movies, but a friend of mine, who does, did watch Make Your Move 3D with me. She doesn’t know who BoA and Derek are, but she mentioned their great dancing skills.

Oh, I almost forgot about U-Know! He had just a little screen time, but his dancing was great (as always)… I think I would watch the movie dance sequences over-and-over again, when it’s released on Blu-ray. I would then put my headset on and enjoy it even more!

If you’re a BoA or Derek fan, then it’s a must-watch! You’ll see your favorite artist in a whole different way. For me, as a BoA fan, it was almost 2 hours of BoA epicness! Her cuteness is all over the place.


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