Where Are They Now? — The Stars of “Make Your Move”

Let’s catch up with the two leading stars of Make Your Move, which was released earlier this year in Korea and in the United States. If you missed the film, it is available on DVD or Blu Ray. Just for the dancing and the music from American and K-Pop artists alone, the film is so worth it.

Derek HoughDEREK HOUGH (plays Donny) – The five-time champ of Dancing With the Stars and Emmy Award winner in choreography is back for his 14th season. Derek’s partner for the season  Bethany Mota, a young You Tube vlogger with millions of subscribers. Recently Derek and Bethany had the opportunity to perform to Gene Kelly’s iconic song, Singin’ In the Rain. Click here for more details, and a video of the performance.

Derek is also going to appear in four episodes of the popular ABC show Nashville. Derek will appear for the first time on October 8 in an episode entitled, “I Can’t Get Over You to Save My Life.” Below is a promo of his appearance.


BoA KwonBOA KWON (plays Aya) – BoA has been involved in a comeback tour in Japan, the release of a new single,”Masayume Chasing”, as well as a new album entitled, Who’s Back?. Just recently, she completed a SMtown Concert in Tokyo for 2 days with other SM entertainment label mates.


In filmography, BoA is set to make her domestic film debut in a Korean movie called Big Match. The film is a techno-crime thriller about the happenings at a gambling house. In the film, she plays Soo-Kyung (a woman of mystery). The film is to be released in December 2014.



BoA Talks About ‘Make Your Move’ & How She Wants A Boyfriend To Treat Her!

In this new interview from Koreak Joongang Daily, BoA talks about MAKE YOUR MOVE, how she wants her boyfriend to treat her, and her next movie project! BoA also clarifies that she did not want to sing in the film because she wanted to separate herself from ‘Aya’. Check out this beautiful picture they posted with the article! Thanks to @dreamsong91 on twitter for sending us the article!


Do you think you are similar to Aya’s character?

Yes. Aya and I both are quite independent girls, and we love dance, apparently. Also, as I have spent quite a lot of time in Japan, I could relate to Aya more than anybody else. And we both have older brothers who we are very close to.

In the film, Aya says she doesn’t want a guy to control her. Do you think so too?

Definitely not [laughs]. To be honest, I want my boyfriend to control me and hold the upper hand in the relationship.

How can you compare dancing as Aya in the film to dancing on stage as BoA?

I have been a solo artist for about 14 years, so it’s kind of awkward to dance with someone else. And when that other person is a guy, it gets worse. When I first joined the film, I freaked out when Derek touched me in the dance moves. It took weeks for me to adapt to the situation [laughs]. Dancing in the film was a whole different experience since I had to convey the feelings of my character through dancing. Even when I was shooting the same scene, I could act differently depending on how I perceived Aya and Donny’s emotions. Now that I’ve tried so many different moves with Derek, I think I could dance to anything with him.

Did you think about singing in the film?

No. I did not want my image as a singer to be confused with Aya’s character, and I said so to the production team.

From last year’s KBS special drama series “Waiting for Love,” you seem to be focusing on your acting career at the moment. How’s your next film, “Big Match,” going?

“Big Match” is an action film, and I play the villain, going up against actor Lee Jung-jae in the story. It was fun to put on special makeup and fight against male characters. 

Read the rest of the interview here!


BoA & Derek Hough Talk to MaxMovie About ‘Make Your Move’ Dance Scenes! [VIDEO]

Here is a new Korean promo video for MAKE YOUR MOVE! BoA & Derek speak in English, but there are Korean subtitles. They speak about their experiences creating the dance scenes in the film and Derek has a cute story about BoA! Director Duane Adler also makes an appearance!

Derek Hough & BoA Promote Their Movie “Make Your Move”! (Part II)

Derek's special message to fans about 'Make Your Move'

Derek’s special message to fans about ‘Make Your Move’

The MAKE YOUR MOVE official Facebook account recently posted this video of Derek telling all the fans to go out and watch MAKE YOUR MOVE on April 18th!

Check it out – Facebook Message from Derek

This interview looks like it was done during the MAKE YOUR MOVE LA Premiere and it was posted on MAKE YOUR MOVE’S official youtube account. Derek says that he’s excited to be introduced to international audiences, the Korean audience, and hopes that he made BoA’s fans proud. He also talks about the evolution of writing the song “Let Me In”.

Here is BoA’s interview from MAKE YOUR MOVE’S official youtube account! BoA explains that this movie was her first time acting EVER and even though she felt pressure acting in English (her third language), she had a lot of help and had a great experience with Duane and Derek. She also was very excited to work with choreographers Nappytabs!

In this interview, Derek talks to The Morning Blend (Las Vegas) and explains how he is NOT a tap dancer and had to learn the style for this film. He also talks about collaborating with Nappytabs for the movie and now for his Move Live on Tour project with his sister Julianne!

Derek Hough talks to The Morning Blend

Lastly, Derek speaks with Uinterview.com about his character ‘Donny’, learning about BoA and working with her, his favorite scene in the movie, and the differences between working on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and doing a movie. He also said that his best move in the film is when he kisses BoA!!! Cheeky, Derek, very cheeky! 😉

Our friends at PureDerekHough.com also uploaded an international version if you have trouble playing the video!

Be sure to check out Part I of MAKE YOUR MOVE’S promotion and press tour by clicking here!

Korean ‘MAKE YOUR MOVE’ Promotion! SMTown Artists Show Their Support For BoA!

BoA promoting Make Your Move on Naver

BoA promoting Make Your Move on Naver

Check out the video below of a Korean entertainment show called “I Love Movie” showcasing  MAKE YOUR MOVE! We know that BoA is a huge superstar in her native Korea, so this movie is BIG news over there. =) We hope that all her Korean fans go out and watch the movie to support BoA!

KBS TV introduces Make Your Move

make-your-move OST

SMTown has also been releasing videos of their biggest K-Pop artists supporting BoA’s movie. Many of them have songs on the official soundtrack, as well! It’s great to see BoA’s labelmates supporting her in this!

BoA Promotes Make Your Move

EXO Promotes Make Your Move

TVXQ Promotes Make Your Move

Jessica (SNSD) Promotes Make Your Move

Girls’ Generation Promotes Make Your Move

BoA Introduces ‘Let Me In’ Music Video on Naver to Korean Audiences

BoA Naver LMI

BoA has made a video introducing the music video ‘Let Me In’ to Korean audiences! The video was released on Naver, South Korea’s largest internet search engine. Doesn’t BoA look absolutely gorgeous in it?! =)

Click here to watch the BoA’s introduction followed by the full ‘Let Me In’ music video!

BoA Naver LMI 2

Don’t forget you can purchase ‘Let Me In’ right now on iTunes and pre-order the MAKE YOUR MOVE soundtrack which will be released on April 7!

By the way, MAKE YOUR MOVE was the NUMBER 1 trending topic on Naver today according to this tweet by @uzzielsama! Woo-hoo!!

BoA Starts Promotion For New Korean “MAKE YOUR MOVE” Website!

Courtesy of Make Your Move Korean Facebook

Courtesy Make Your Move Korean Facebook

BoA has begun to do promotion for her first feature film in Korea this week! Isn’t this exciting?!

Below is a video promo of BoA on Dancing 9, which is a dance audition show in Korea. It airs on MNET which is the largest Korean music channel and is owned by CJ Entertainment (who is also one of the producers of Make Your Move). You may recall that Derek Hough appeared on this show last year as a judge. If you missed our post, you can find it here.

The official Korean Facebook account for the movie also just posted this new video of BoA!

We just got a youtube version of this video courtesy of SMTown:

Check out the new official Korean website for MAKE YOUR MOVE! Make sure to visit the photo gallery because there are photos there that we have never seen before!

The Korean version of the MAKE YOUR MOVE trailer also debuted this week and you can view it below. We love it and some of us like it much better than the U.S. version of the trailer! 😉

In fact, the Korean version of the MAKE YOUR MOVE poster also seems to be more popular, as well. What do you guys think? Vote on the poll below on the Korean & U.S. versions of the poster and trailer!

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“Make Your Move 3D” Release Dates: What We Think We Know So Far


One of the most interesting topics of discussion this summer among our Twitter followers is the official release date for Make Your Move 3D in their country. Everyone really wants to know,  including our team here at MakeYourMove3DFans. We are a team of four (three from the United States and one from Korea) and we don’t know when the movie will be officially released in our own countries yet. 😦

We thought we’d put together a list of dates based on what we know so far… or think we know. Please note that these dates are just rumored. If you live in one of these countries and know for sure that the date listed for your country is official, send us a tweet at @MakeYourMove3D and we will update this list.

After our list, we have a video for you that mentions Make Your Move 3D, as well as a website link that mentions the sneak preview of the movie in the Netherlands.

Rumored / Official Release Dates

July 13 occurred Netherlands*
July 24 occurred Belgium
July 25 occurred Netherlands
August 8 official CIS (Russian States)
August 21 Italy
August 29 official Thailand
Jul-Sept Korea
September newly updated Vietnam
September 13 newly updated Baltics-Lithuania
September 25 Philippines
Sept-Oct United States
October 3 official Portugal
October 13 Hong Kong
October Norway**
June 19, 2014 official Germany

In this DancePlug Dish video, there is a Make Your Move 3D mention about BoA, Derek Hough and the choreographers of this film. Scroll to about the 1:41 mark to hear it.

*The release date for the sneak preview in the Netherlands is mentioned in this Hague On Line site for the Pathe Scheveningen Cinema. Read here.
**Originally rumored to be July 12th. We have seen a source that confirms October.

Written by MakeYourMove3DFans